​cocoa interspace, international global common law courts of justice 

judge margaret bentley

default judgment

against Mark Parsons CEO of

the Coventry Building Society

Economic House

P.O Box 9, High Street, Coventry, CV1 5QN

[re; craig fraser, 41 Catesby Rd Radford,

Coventry, CV6 3EU],

Mark Parsons Ceo of the Coventry Building Society

​has chosen not to rebut craig fraser,s lien dated, monday 13th november 2017,

the defendant, Mark parsons CEO of the Coventry Building Society,

had been given ample opportunities,

and notices, to rebut Craig fraser,s lien, and had chosen not to defend, or rebut the lien, of which has now been fully executed and notarised,

Mark Parsons, is hereby, on this day    

january   2018, 

liable as the debtor, for the full amount 

of craig fraser,s lien, of three million pounds sterling,

to be paid in full,

to craig fraser within the next 30-days,


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​​common law wills and  trusts have been executed under registration numbers,, cigclcoj,100000sj and cigclcoj,100000py,,