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​​common law wills and  trusts have been executed under registration numbers,, cigclcoj,100000sj and cigclcoj,100000py,,

1] yvonne pears argues, David Cameron's war against Syria is unlawful,, the united kingdom is a christian, sovereign, country,, under uk law there had been no crimes committed against us by Syria,,

David Cameron is already proven to be involved in the financial fraud of a people of the united kingdom's money,,

a prime example is, MPs expenses fraud, and David Cameron being in cahoots with MP Iain Duncan Smith and his blatant DWP fraud,, against a people of the united kingdom's National Insurance fund,,

this is insurance fraud, committed by the DWP and unlawful sanctions and stoppages of insured payments,,

the billions of pounds of stolen money via the DWP, from we a people out of the uk's insurance fund, by  David Cameron and Iain Duncan cannot be kept in the  treasury by George Osbourne,, so where is it ?,,

these crimes of fraud, committed by Iain Duncan Smith, [in cahoots with David Cameron],, are proven by a lawful court and jury, on 18th april 2015 [see evidence on the home page,]

​​a] David Cameron claimed that ISIL in Syria are a threat to the people of the united kingdom,, and he is bombing Syria and murdering innocent Syrian people,, in order to get rid of ISIL whom are based in Syria,,

1]  yvonne pears argues, that David Cameron agrees that he cannot identify whom all of ISIL are,,

yet he, and the EU, have invited and welcomed, thousands of unknown people from Syria into our countries into our housing stock,, and into our lives,,​

in addition, the Syrian President, on behalf of Syria, had not made any threats against the united kingdom,, 

there had been no known Syrian war planes in the united kingdom air space,,

and there had been no Syrian bombing in the united kingdom,, proving, no harm loss or injury from Syria, against the united kingdom,,

1] yvonne pears argues,, we a people of the united kingdom can only give informed consent,, meaning that we cannot consent to David Cameron's war and the murder of innocent people in Syria, as it is unlawful, and Syria had not aggressed against us,,

a] David Cameron has funded his unlawful war and murder in Syria, with the money, from we a people, of the united kingdom,,

whilst at the same time shouting about austerity, and implementing cuts to important services against we a people of the united kingdom,,

in addition David Cameron had not made it known, where the uk money had been allotted from, to fund his war during his many hours of shouting in his televised arguments for his war,,


David Cameron's argument is on line [a]

lawyer yvonne pears argument is line [1]

[a] David Cameron claimed that 7-terrorist plots against the uk had been foiled, as part of his argument to go to war against Syria,,

[1] yvonne pears argues that,, we a sovereign people of the united kingdom, cannot lawfully go to war against another country, unless they have caused us, "harm", "loss", or "injury",,

David Cameron's claims of 7-terrorist plots are unproven,, and cannot, now be retrospective,,

there have been no publicly known arrests,, trials or convictions,, of these supposed 7 terrorists prior to,, a war against Syria and the murder people in Syria,,

proving that lawfully, the people of Syria have not caused the people of the united kingdom any loss, harm, or injury,,

mugshot of David Cameron

a] David Cameron had a ten hour debate in in parliament, order to gain votes from MPs for his war,,

1] yvonne pears argues,, David Cameron gained unlawful votes from uk MPs, whom, in breach of the Magna Charta, where many of the MPs were not qualified to make an educated decision about a war and murder against Syria and the Syrian people,, 

David Cameron's treasonous war against Syria, fraudulently implies that, we a sovereign people in the united kingdom are at war against Syria, and causing the deaths of thousands of innocent people,,

a] David Cameron has acted as if his unlawful war, and funding, of his war against Syria, is with the consent of we a people of the united kingdom,,


1a] David Cameron found guilty of war crimes,,

2b] the uk is a sovereign, christian common law country,,

3c] judge preparing punishment to be laid against David Cameron,, 

4d] yvonne pears is the prosecution lawyer for the case against David Cameron,,

5e] David cameron has taken lots of uk televised airtime,,

6f] David Cameron's argument, and lawyer yvonne pears argument,,

7g] war against Syria may be to hide stolen uk money,,

8h] list of charges against David Cameron,,