start of list of charges, more to come

the victim of the wrongful identity shall be named "sam", for the time being, to protect them from any repercussions, until the case is completed,

1] sending the wrong person to prison, under the wrong identity,

2] secret arrest in the morning, of wrong person, and held in a police station, overnight without food or water,

3] Police informing the victim, of wrongful identity, that they are going to be sent to prison, whilst still in police custody,

4] handcuffing of the victim the next day, and taking them to an unlawful secret, secular court,

5]  appointment of a Solicitor, as the victims representation in the court, whom the victim had never met or spoken to,

6] unlawful and fraudulent allegations against the the victim of serious, registered disabilities,  

7] fraudulent appointing of a Solicitor, by the Court,

8] fraudulent claims of legal aid, for a person with severe disabilities,

9] handcuffing of an unidentified person, behind a glass box, in the court, and refusing them a right to speak in the court, 

10] unlawful brutality, torture, and violence against the victim, and their catholic religious rights, 

11] refusal of the rights of the victim, to practice their catholic religion

12] secularism,

13] unlawful and secret abduction, and unlawfully holding the victim hostage,

14] continually starving the victim of food and water, whilst held in unlawful captivity,

15] refusing the victim medical attention for injuries caused by captives, while being unlawfully held hostage,,

16] forcing the victim into watching the torture of others, where the victim tried prevent the torture of the other victims, and had to secretly give help the other victims,

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