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see copy below, of the fake Court Order,

Dated 23 May 2016,

​that was timed out on the 23rd May 2017,

[Court Orders cannot extend beyond 12-months]

yet the Coventry County Court, and 

HM Land Registry,

used a null and voided Order, 

to sell craig fraser,s house,

AFTER the 12-month-deadline​​,

they had also, falsely recorded, that

craig fraser,s house was purchased on the

9th of June 2017, by payment of £65,000 

cocoa interspace international global common law courts of justice 

MP David Gauke,

the Secretary of State for Justice
Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain,

MP David Gauke,

is required to answer questions,

about the missing money 

and more,

for the attention of MP David Gauke,

today,s date is friday 19th april 2019,

re; craig fraser,s property,

craig fraser house 12152,

41 Catesby Rd, Radford, Coventry, CV6 3EU,

1] i, a [m]an named craig fraser, require you, MP David Gauke,

to provide me with the evidence,

of Rachel Last,s Court claims against my property,

including proof of the Court Records, and Accounts, 

in compliance with the HM Land Registry,s Records, 

of which claim, that the Coventry County Court,

sold my house, to Rachel Last,

 for a knock down price of £65,000 on the 9th of June 2017,

[ my house was sold, without my knowledge, or consent, and nearly 2-years later, i have never received a penny ]

2] i craig fraser, further require you MP David Gauke, to tell me


of which the HM Land Registry Records,

and Title Deeds claim, that Rachel Last PAID TO,

the COVENTRY COUNTY COURT on the 9TH of JUNE 2017,

as payment, of the Court,s Sale of my house,

due to the fact no Estate Agent was involved, 

in compliance with Judge Afzal,s Order, dated 23 May 2016,

[see copy of Judge Afzal,s Order enclosed]

3] i, craig fraser, was the sole occupier of my home,

of which i was still paying my mortgage on,

when i was forcibly ejected onto the streets,

without notice, by the Coventry Police, at just before midnight,

on the 26th of october 2017,

this was due to Rachel Last, claiming to the Police,

that she had purchased my house, 

in accordance with the Coventry County Court Records,

and the HM Land Registry Records,

see section 5, of link below


section 5] see a copy of the FAKE COURT ORDER, 

by Deputy District Judge Afazal on 23 May 2016, 

of which was made *PRIOR TO* a Court Claim by Rachel Last,

see the top right hand side, of the FAKE COURT ORDER,

clearly proving the Rachel Last,s Claim wasn't initiated,

until the 9th June,

 in the County Court of Coventry, 

Claim Number C00CV234 

4] it has taken my lawyer, yvonne pears, many, many months, to obtain the information, in regard to my property from the HM Land Registry, due to continual obstructions, 

therefore, i require you, MP David Gauke, to provide me with all of the

Court Records, of Rachel Last,s alleged purchase of my home,

within the next 30-days ,

​please do not kick the can down the road, in the hope that this matter will go away, because this case, proves that no ones property is safe from theft, and they are in danger of being left homeless, and penniless, like me, with no one to help them, unless they make payments up front,

thankfully, lawyer yvonne pears has not charged me a penny, for all of the hard work that she has done on my behalf, because she will not tolerate the injustices, that has been perpetrated against me, and  without yvonne,s help, i do not know what i would have done, because i had been left homeless, and destitute, 

please respond to craig fraser at,



 kind regards,                                                                                      

craig fraser                                                                                      

From: craig fraser <craigfraser10@outlook.com>
Sent: 19 April 2019 14:18
To: david@davidgauke.com

MP David Gauke, is required to answer questions, 

about the missing money and more,