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see proof that the EU elections

are a second referendum,

by renowned lawyer, yvonne pears

1] Article 50, proves, that WE LEFT the EU,

BY DEFAULT, on the 29th of March 2019,​

due to the fact, that the UK had NOT agreed

a Deal, with the EU,

*part nine of the EU Withdrawal Agreement for Member States, clearly evidences that, 

 a Member State that intends to Withdraw,

is not dependent on any

agreement/deal being reached, 
[ it would occur after 2-YEARS, regardless ]*

2] the 29th March 2019,

was the 2-YEAR DEADLINE,

for the Withdrawal Agreement,


it is the date the UK LEFT the EU, 

3] Theresa May,

cannot lawfully agree, 

an extension of Article 50 with the EU,

on the basis of her Deal,

because her Deal, 


it cannot lawfully, be voted upon, ever again,

4] the law did not allow, Theresa May,s 

12th of April extension

with the EU, to be based on her Deal,

due to the fact, that it NO LONGER EXISTED,

and it was biased, against the UK,

5] the only reason, that the EU,


may have voted for an extension of Art 50,

was to enable a Second Referendum,

via entering the UK, into the EU Elections, 

​6] the Law, does not allow the UK

to Enter, European Elections,

when we are NO LONGER, a member state,

and UK Law, does not allow the UK people,


into voting in the EU Elections,

including unwittingly funding this fraud,

for Hundred,s of Millions of Pounds,

7] even though we have already left the EU,

​approximately 3-million-foreigners,

from the EU, have unlawfully been given

voting right,s, in the UK,

this includes, foreigners usurping the UK,

by voting in the EU elections,

​and also foreigners, usurping the UK

by voting in our local elections,

8] i have no doubt,

that the EU elections, are being secretly used, as a Second Referendum,

​and thus used, to falsely proclaim,

that the UK have changed their mind,

about leaving the EU,

9] the result of the referendum,

​to leave the EU,

cannot lawfully be overruled,

or overturned,

proving that the UK cannot lawfully,

enter the EU Elections, 

10] people were given, 10-whole-weeks,

to make up their mind,

PRIOR TO, voting in the Referendum,

there is no such thing, as a change of mind,

after, people have signed up to their vote,

unless, they have been medically proven,

to be of unsound mind,