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10] see proof of data breach, below on drop and go sheet, 
of the DWP instructing i, not to sign on 24th december 2014,, 

"proving no appointed time and No Attendance for the 24th December 2014",,
the same date that the DWP 'criminally published' that they  sanctioned i,, on their 'fraudulent allegations' of
i,, not attending,,

 9] 12th December 2014 shaun kerwin [a job coach] sent a letter to i,, two days after he sanctioned and stopped my claim, on behalf of the manager stephanie pettle,,  stating that he had arranged an interview with i, on 7th  january 2015,

 the letter gave no mention of the 2 attached drop and go sheets, which were dated, from 11th December 2014 up to 7th january 2015,

the time sheets now show that, my claim had again been reinstated, on the 11th December 2014, yet kerwin had refused to allow me my right to sign the day before on 10th December 2014, and claimed that he was sending my claim to a decision maker,,

first sheet,, [time slot: No attendance]

week 1]
11th December 2014 to 17th december 2014,,

week 2]
18th december 2014 to 24th December 2014

second sheet,, [attendance date 7th January 2015 at 11:30am]

week 1]
24th December 2014 to 31st December 2014,,[no appointment given, and the time slot, clearly states [no attendance]

week 2] 
1st January 2015 to 7th January 2015,[shows appointment, time slot [11.30am]

 8] Wednesday 10th December 2014,,  kerwin refused, to allow me to sign, yet i had given him the proof that i, had been applying for 3-jobs per week,,

there is no law, that requires anyone to apply for more than 3 -jobs per week,,

Kerwin was authorised by the DWP and Iain Duncan Smith, to unlawfully,,  close my claim,, by saying that i have not complied with an unlawful contract, that he beleived i signed,,

I immediately made it known to kerwin, that he is now required to notify iain Duncan smith of my intention to prosecute him, with immediate effect,, and the manageress and yourself, are required to notify him of the pending prosecution,,

i asked for a manager,, i was called to an office to speak to a man whom claimed he was a manager, he gave his name as John Dunbar,, whom was unable to answer any of my questions,, nor provide any assistance,,

i made it known to Dunbar that, he is now required to notify iain duncan smith, that, i, intend to prosecute him,,  he could not answer or respond to that either

, [this proves that kerwin was given the power, and authority by iain Duncan smith,, to  sanction on behalf of the government,, where we a sovereign people are condemned, without our rights to our defence,, a trial, or a jury, by any/all DWP agents,, even the manager has consented to kerwin  unlawfully  stopping and sanctioning claims, without being able to know what is being published against us, and without our consent,,

in addition, Kerwin, was given a free reign, to publish fraud, about i, into the DWP computer network, at the expense of the public]

DWP should have lawfully  paid my entitlement of 2-weeks jobseekers payments, into my account on 15th december 2014 ,of which they refused and criminally with held,,

kerwin had signed me the week before on 3rd december, and my fortnightly payment was due on monday 15th december,,the DWP even refused my payment for the week that kerwin, agreed my entitlement,

until all of the
criminal actions against i, committed by iain duncan smith and his DWP  agents,, including the 3rd and 10th December, is put to a lawful hearing, the DWP are obligated by law, to pay i, including for the previous week of 3rd December 2014,

2] the persecution by the DWP, started at the leamington spa job centre, shortly after I signed on there,, the first example of many serious false allegations criminal  sanctions against i was on  6th December 2012,

i was signing on jobseekers, i have never had any disability in my life and i have never been on any medication,

on  Saturday 8th December 2012, I was shocked and horrified to receive a letter from the DWP, containing a sanction, if i refused to attend a disability appointment, with a Disability Employment Adviser,

including, a requirement to bring any medications and name of a support worker ,which falsely accused i, of being under mental health, and supervision, 

the letter clearly stated Lisa Stone is an employment disability adviser, with a responsibility to support people back to work,,
DWP’s letter also required I, to provide,

“details of any medication that you are taking, details of your GP/consultant/support worker, if any”,,

the letter also threatened,

“ what happens if I do not come for an interview, your jobseeker’s allowance will be closed if you do not contact us within five working day’s, your jobseeker’s allowance and national insurance credits will be stopped”,,

3] [know your rights,, take note,, for the DWP to share, publish, any records about people, they have to give, “fair notice” to the data,  subject, [victim],, including a record of a written reason for the publishing and processing of sensitive information,, 

mental health publishing and processing,, comes under the category of sensitive data sharing,,

requirements have to be satisfied, prior to, publishing and, processing,,  data, without the prior consent, of the data subject,,victim,,

it is unlawful for the data publisher processor,, to refuse to provide some, or all of the relevant information, to the data subject,,victim, unless there is a total exemption,, for a particular function,,

ie, there has to be, a regulatory function, an enforcement function or a national security,, for the DWP to share/publish about us, without our knowledge or consent, which requires a signed certificate from a crown minister,, inclusive of audit trails,,]

4] in addition, I wrote to the
Lisa Stone  DWP via signed for recorded delivery, and also handed a copy of it, on the Monday morning,,  also see exhibits below,

my letter shows that my GP records prove, that I, do not, and never have had, any mental health problems, or issues,,

the DWP should have then,, written to i, with a letter of apology and proval of removal of their false entries, with a deletion schedule of their fraudulent data/publications about I,, they have refused any active communication with I, in regards to any of these frauds,, including fraudulent audit trails,,

the DWP and Iain Duncan Smith are knowingly and fraudulently, using and sharing, "false tokens", meaning, a criminal act of using a false document or sign of the existence of a fact,, used for the purposes of fraud,,

              see case details below against iain duncan smith

DWP sanctions  are criminal and fraudulent, 

DWP serious crimes under the unqualified, authority of  iain Duncan smith,

fraudulent misuse of public property and finance/religious discrimination  extremism/militarised force,/fascism/ fraud/deception/defamation of character/ threatening words and behaviour/psychological abuse/breach of fire regulations
breach of health and safety/fraudulent allegations/fraudulent publications

1]  i, a [wo]man yvonne pears have worked hard all of my life, including self employment,,

I signed onto the DWP jobseekers, due to the foreclosure of my businesses,

i have suffered on going criminality and abuse, at the hands of
iain Duncan smith’s  DWP,fascist job centre agents, which has caused me harm, loss, injury and religious discrimination, inter alia

 we will start this prosecution process with some of the criminal actions, undertaken by the DWP, for a speedy prosecution against iain Duncan smith,, people have died, because of the DWP fraud, and we, cocoa interspace, want a fast track to saving the lives of other claimants,,

 people need protection from
iain Duncan smith’s terrorism and his militarised agents,,

see exhibits of the two copies of the unlawful and fraudulent contract  below showing

proof of fraud and duress

20] letter to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11,

4-pages sent on tuesday 23rd june 2015, at 12:17pm,,

9-weeks later,, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11, has refused to answer to yvonne pears letter and we a people,s sovereign and contractual rights,,

see copy of receipt below, of post by special next day delivery,,

24] from: Yvonne Pears <yvonne>
date: Thu, Jul 2, 2015 at 9:41 PM

email to EQUITA

today,s date is thursday 2nd july 2015,
re your letter to i, yvonne of the pears family,, from you Equita dated 25th june 2015,,

your letter claims ,
" Details of the court judgement or order or enforcement power by virtue of which the debt is enforceable, 
A Liability Order was issued by the court for non payment of Council Tax due to Coventry City Council on 27/05/2015,

you owe money to the Coventry City Council
the amount you owe them £465.18
compliance stage fee £75.00
total sum outstanding £540.18"

i a [wo]man yvonne of the pears family, on this day thursday the second of july twenty thousand and fifteen,, require you, Equita,, to provide, i, with a copy of any judgment, that you claim you have, under my name and address, within the next seven days,, not all matters raised at this time,,

red alert see exhibits below

27]   >Equita Limited< violence

see copy of Equita limited,s, unsigned, fraudulent document below, which has no more value than lava-tory paper,, further proof of money laundering,, 

received by yvonne pears on saturday the 25th July 2015,,

see the above quotes from king james bible,  [no man, can place himself as an idol, to be a higher power than god], yet iain duncan smith, has chosen to over rule our religious rights and our freedoms to our religions and laws,,

#DWP fascists
the DWP are sanctioning people, without their lawful and natural rights and freedoms,, to be firstly heard at trial by jury,, 
they are committing serious criminal offences,, which is a proven dictatorship,, under the direction of  conservative MP iain duncan smith.,
*dictatorship without law is fascism*,,
this is also in breach of our  lawful and natural rights and freedoms,, our religious rights,, and the Magna Charta,, meaning that the DWP are fascists whom,s sanctions prove that neo nazism is operating in the uk, under iain duncan smith,s conservative party, unholy dictatorial regime,,
anyone supporting iain duncan smith, is supporting  fascism,,


iain duncan smith

1] criminality and abuse at the hands of iain duncan smith

2] criminal sanctions

3] know your rights see 3 and 4

4] DWP fraudulent data publications

5] flanked by a security guard

6] sanction threats, with security guard, assisting job coach to shout and abuse, lone female,

7] sanction threats  if unlawful contract is not complied with

8] fraudulent publications,, criminal sanction and closure of claim 9] 2-days later re-opened claim after criminal sanction

10] serious crimes and fraud

11] letter sent to manager

12] manager verified fraud

13] criminal sanction

14] fraudulent  criminal publications within the DWP

15] DWP grand scale criminal publications

16] DWP accounts fraud,

17] verdict,,,

18] service of document at iain duncan smith,s home,,

19] judgment lien certificate,,

20] letter to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11,,

21] iain duncan smith perpetrating violence against yvonne pears,,

22]  email from yvonne pears to EQUITA,, and EQUITA operating as fascists,

23] EQUITA sent an unlawful document,,

24] july 2nd 2015 email to EQUITA

25] EQUITA 16th july,

26] EQUITA, criminal aggravated trespass,,,

27] Equita violence

28] see exhibit below email and lien sent to Equita   

29]  formal notice to capita from cocoa interspace international global common law court of justice
30] Conduct complaint over Iain Duncan Smith’s lie to Parliament,,,,


30] Conduct complaint over Iain Duncan Smith’s lie to Parliament

Parliament is to investigate a complaint against Iain Duncan Smith, after he was recorded presenting inaccurate information to fellow MPs in the House of Commons.

Vox Political reader Helen Groves stated in her complaint that she found it “deeply troubling” to hear that a government minister responsible for the welfare of millions of vulnerable people “continually misrepresents” information to other MPs.

She was referring to the Gentleman Ranker’s reply to Debbie Abrahams’ question on June 22. Ms Abrahams had asked: “Why does he refuse to publish the details of the number of people who have died within six weeks of their claims for incapacity benefit and employment and support allowance, including those who have been found fit for work?”

The Secretary-in-a-State replied: ” She knows very well that the Department does not collate numbers on people in that circumstance. It deals with individual cases where things have gone right or gone wrong and reviews them.”

Everybody reading Vox Political knows this to be untrue, as an email from the DWP, dated October 21, 2013, now-famously states: “The Department does hold, and could provide within the cost limit, some of the information requested.”

In her complaint, Ms Groves states: “I feel this calls both his position and the government into disrepute, domestically and internationally, due to his high profile. I can only assume that… Mr Duncan Smith deliberately provided false information.

She continued: “Mr Duncan Smith must be aware that his department [has] already provided such information to the data commissioner and that his department [has] been fighting a legal battle to prevent publication of this information. As such it is not plausible that Mr Duncan Smith provided this information without knowledge that it was false.

“This subject has been widely reported by [the] media and as simply a member of the public I am conversant with the issues. How can it be credible that the minister is not?

“Only days later, Mr Cameron has acknowledged in PMQs that this information does indeed exist though like Mr Duncan Smith he does not seem to be willing to release it in full, but rather in a form which would prevent the general public from being able to make a clear assessment of the data.

“I would therefore wish my complaint to be addressed as a formal complaint against the Minister Iain Duncan Smith on the basis that his conduct calls his position, The UK Government and the House itself into disrepute.”

In a comment to Vox Political, she added: “they have to investigate and I have no intention of letting them skip over it. Conduct is one of the easiest ways to go after a minister or MP. I think IDS has earned a bit of being held to account.”

29] formal notice to capita from cocoa interspace international global common law court of justice

Equita is owned by Capita,, 

on monday 3rd august 2015, Andy Parkes the CEO of Capita, in regard to Equita, received a formal notice via email , with a copy of the judgment lien attached,,

see copy of email below,

28] email and lien sent to Equita from cocoa interspace,, on tuesday 28th july 2015

see exhibits below of email and lien sent to Equita 

23]EQUITA sent an unlawful document to yvonne pears, see details below, regarding an alleged judgment,, of which yvonne pears has no knowledge of,,

EQUITA,S document is head lined, "Notice of enforcement"

"Details of the court judgement, or order or enforcement power by virtue of which the debt is enforceable"

EQUITA,s document has claimed that there is a contract in force,, of which even if it is latent or at rest,, but capable of being called into activity,, is accessory before the fact,, which further implies trespass,, and operational physical power,, and pressure of unlawful violence,,

which also implies the existence of a fact,, which is  being fraudulently used against yvonne pears,, for the purpose of predjudice,, with the intent of treachery and fraud,, and without the authority of law,, to use fascist force,, and unlawful violence,,

including forcible entry,,

which is violently taking possession of lands,, with menaces, and force of arms, , against the will of yvonne pears entitlement to peaceful possession,,

also with the intention to excite terror, and fear,, and a breach of the public peace,

where such physical power,, or display of physical power,, is reasonably calculated to inspire fear of physical harm to yvonne pears,, if she opposes possession  from the trespassers on her  land and real estate,,

see a exhibit below of a copy of the email below, that yvonne pears sent to EQUITA, on thursday the second july two thousand and fifteen,,

requiring EQUITA to provide her with a copy of any judgment that they allege that they have, within the next seven days,,

21]  iain duncan smith perpetrating violence

thursday 30th april 2015 at 1:36pm cocoa interspace,  international global common law court of justice, personally served a court ducument at iain duncan smith,s home address, in swanbourne buckinghamshire,, to betsy duncan smith containing the verdict, inclusive of ,, the court judgment, damages and costs,, inter alia,,  betsy accepted the document, on behalf of her husband, and she thanked cocoa interspace, after verifying that the document  is for her husband iain,,

iain duncan smith is perpetrating and inciting violence against yvonne pears by,

instigating false documents to provoke others into,,

unlawful  force and trespass ,, by abetting others to commit crimes, against yvonne pears which is extreme and repeated cruelty, to endanger health, by mentalpain and torture ,,

this is grave and serious misconduct,, whether this is actually inflicted or intended,, or reasonably apprehended,, of which law presumes to be malicious, and dangerous to life,, constituting aggravated and inhuman ill treatment and destruction of peace of mind, to endanger life,,

see copy of evidence below, of criminal violence from EQUITA, perpetrated by iain duncan smith,, whom is trying to establish his own peculiarity for himself, which he is unlawfully using, in contradistinction to the common law, laws of england,,

25th june 2015, iain duncan smith perpetrated violence against yvonne pears, via EQUITA,,

see mug shot of iain duncan smith below,, and more on EQIUTA, ON PAGE 23, below,,

22] #iain duncan smith has, and continues to commit insurance fraud,,


this proves that the national insurance contributions, paid by a people of the united kingdom, have been criminally defrauded,, by iain duncan smith,, by his criminal and unlawful DWP sanctions, and refusals to pay out on we the insured,s contributions,,

*cocoa interspace are now taking further action on these matters,,

the clock is ticking, watch this space*,,,

7]  3rd December 2014, i arrived early for my 12:30pm appointment with kerwin,,
Kerwin again, demanded that i sign the new contract, and i informed him that the manageress said that she would post it, but i had not received it,,

then I saw the manageress coming towards us, with a piece of paper,, she handed i, the paper, saying that she did,nt get the chance to post it,,
 i looked at the sheet of paper, and asked her, why the brief note, did not have enough details on it ?, and she said that is all that is given to her,,

i stated to her that this is does not provide time to check it out, and whether it is lawful, and i asked her why, i am the only one whom is made to sign on every week, instead of fortnightly, the same as everyone else ?,

she replied, that she cannot assist me any further,, and declared,, it is decided by the government that I sign the new contract, to receive jobseekers payments, not her,, and she walked away,,

Kerwin, then demanded that sign the new contract otherwise, he will have to stop  sanction my payments,

i notified
kerwin that i am being forced to sign this new contract under duress, and i informed him of my right to have a copy of it,,

Kerwin typed on the computer, then he asked some questions, so I made it known to him, that I do not consent, so I cannot answer,,  kerwin informed i, that he already has my information, so he will fill it in on my behalf,,

he finished typing into his computer, he printed it all off and
demanded that i sign it, so i read through it all,, and noticed some of the demands  in the forced contract were unlawfull, that some of the DWPfascists are forcing people into agreeing to,,

see below, A] and B] which is in the contract,

A] spend a minimum of thirty five hours per week, making application to suitable job opportunities,,

B] and engaging in activities to improve my job prospects,

19]  judgment lien certificate,

against iain duncan smith, [whom some times acts as an MP]  officially placed on the chancery records , on 22nd april 2015,

see exhibit below

i asked kerwin about the >thirty five hours a week job search<, and how they could prove, if 2 million people, did or did not, spend the minimum of thirty five hours per week making application to suitable job oportunities ?,,

Kerwin replied by saying that he expects i, to,, >apply for 145 suitable jobs per week, and provide him with the proof via my emails ? <,,

[meaning that there are the minimum of 290 million suitable jobs available each week for 2 million people to apply for,, every week,,]

Then I asked
kerwin, about  >engaging in activities to improve my job prospects ?  > kerwin said by doing >30 hours per week, voluntary work in a charity shop<

[meaning that I am being threatened, against my will, to enter into an unlawful   contract of
slavery,, and being forced into an agreement against my will, that I am volunteering,, when I am not,, or else I will lose my right to my jobseekers payments via unlawful criminal anctions,] 

[take note, we are entitled to send a bill, for hours worked, to anyone whom forces us into unpaid labour against our will]

Kerwin demanded that I hurry up and sign the fraudulent contract,, so I wrote, under duress, and added a it again in between my name,, i also wrote a notice on it,,

Kerwin read it and said it still a contract,, proving that he believes that he can treat people as he wants,,
Kerwin then made me an appointment for Wednesday 10th December 2014,,,

after a long wait, i was called into [Stephanie Pettle] the manageress office,, and i notified her of kerwin,s shouting and his abusive actions, including trying to threaten me into signing a contract that he refused to allow me to read,,

the manageress said that she would post a copy of the new contract to i, within the next seven days,, we went back up to
kerwin, and she told him that i can continue with my job seekers,,,

 Kerwin then handed over another appointment card for the next week, on Wednesday third December 2014 at 12:30pm,,

6] wednesday 26th november,,

shaun Kerwin, a DWP job coach, notified me, that he is going to enter me into a new job seekers contract, on his computer, that, "i have to sign and agree to ”,,

kerwin, had previous said that i, have to do, thirty hours per week of unpaid work, i notified him that i have the right to read a contract, prior to any signing of it,, as i cannot sign to, what i don’t know,,

Kerwin then started shouting at me with an angry look on his face, saying that i have to sign it, and if I don’t sign it, he will stop/sanction my payments,, I began to get palpitations, and I started feeling sick and shaky, so i looked at the security guard for support, but the security guard started to lunge towards me,,
so i ran off to the other end of the room, to the other staff, whom were dealing with job seekers, and asked them to get me the

see exhibits below, of fraudulent Disability letter, from the DWP, , on behalf of iain duncan smith, containing fraudulent allegations, and my letter of response

page 4] of 4

[page 1]  of 4
from cocoa interspace global international common law court of justice,


click on yellow navigation bar on the home page,, for iain duncan smith],,

letter on behalf of yvonne pears and a people of the united kingdom,, addressed to,,

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2nd, and HRH Prince Charles, and HRH Prince William,,Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA

and The Prince of Wales and The Duke of Cambridge,,

today,s date is tuesday 23rd june 2015,

peaceful public notice in the public interest, sent to the british monarchy, on behalf of yvonne pears and a people,,

on the 18th april, prior to the voting day of May 7th 2015, iain Duncan smith whom sometimes acts as an MP, was found guilty of,, see reference below, and refer to the link,, iain Duncan smith on our common law court website,, 

iain duncan smith was found guilty on the 18th april 2015 by a jury of eighty five [85] people, of causing loss harm and injury against yvonne pears, including,,,

count 1] fraudulent misuse of public property and finance,

count 2] religious discrimination, 

count 3] extremism and militarised force,
count 4] fraud and deception,
count 5] defamation of character,
count 6] threatening words and behaviour,
count 7] psychological abuse,
count 8] breach of fire regulations,
count 9] breach of health and safety,
count10] fraudulent allegations,
count 11] fraudulent publications,

thursday 30th april 2015, at 1:36pm,
cocoa interspace, international global common law courts of justice,

personally served a court document at  iain duncan smith,s home address, in  swanbourne buckinghamshire,,, to  betsy duncan smith,,, containing the above verdict, inclusive of,, the court judgment, damages and costs,, inter alia,,

betsy accepted the document, on behalf of her husband, and she thanked cocoa interspace, after verifying that the document is for her husband iain,, 

page 3]  of 4

we a people wish for a written royal response to yvonne pears,, from her Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2nd, and/or ,The Prince of Wales and/or The Duke of Cambridge,,

i, a [wo]man yvonne pears, wish that her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2nd enforces the requirement, of iain duncan smith, whom some times acts as an MP,  to pay i, yvonne pears the damages adjudicated within the common law court of justice, judgment lien to i, for the wrong that iain duncan smith and his agents of the DWP have committed against i,, under iain duncan smith,s authority , within the next sixty days,, else iain duncan smith be sent to prison, until the full payment is satisfied,,

a copy of the judgment lien is enclosed,,

i, yvonne pears do not intend to ever suffer again, at the hands of the iain duncan smith, or any other government department, therefore, the charges within the lien, are to ensure, that i, the creditor, do not have to deal with the duress again of having to fight for my own monies,,

we, a people and cocoa interspace await your written response, may God, watch over us all and keep us safe, until and after we receive your written response,, and may Gods will assist the outcome,,

copyright of yvonne pears, cocoa interspace

page 2] of 4

he whom adds fault to fault, whom sets up a defence of a wrong committed, is also a guilty party,,

taxation is for people whom may or may not, be liable for the support of a government,, which is a burden laid and enforced upon individuals, and/or their property, to support the government,, which includes a rateable portion of the produce of the property, and labour against individuals,,

the government have been taking money by false pretences and impositions, against a people, which have been unlawfully imposed by slavery, in breach of Magna Charta,, by enforcing work without payment,,

the exchequer-revenue, enforces proprietary rights of the crown against the subjects of the realm,,
exchequer is a government department that has charge of the collection of the national revenue,- the treasury department,,

exchequer bills,, are bills of credit issued by authority of parliament
that is the
excise paid on the consumption of  commodities,, which is  a special benefit to the government whom the charge is made on behalf of,, meaning the government,, are also creditors and debtors, on behalf of we the people,,

the government are debtors to we a people,, and they have  a contractual obligation, to pay in the future for considerations/monies that they have received, from we a people, in the past and in the present, which creates a duty, and obligation for them to pay for the enforcement of which actions lie,

the government are debtors whom are obligated to pay a people, whom have rights as the creditors, to receive and enforce payments from the government under the rule of law, commonlaw,, any/all refusals of a government to comply with the inalienable rights of a people, including against our sovereignty, is a breach of public peace,,

5]  jobseekers sign on at the same allotted time every fortnight and receive payments every 2-weeks,

the job centre refused to provide any reason, why i was treated differently to others, and made to sign on a weekly basis, including at varied time slots, and being flanked by a security guard, during my appointments, which were held in isolation, away from everyone else,,

             see exhibits below of some of my appointment cards

click on individual links below

picture of

DWP MP Iain Duncan Smith

we a sovereign people have had our rights unlawfully stolen away from us by a blasphemous man, namely, iain duncan smith, whom unless, we a people  prosecute him,, his tyranny will continue to go unchallenged, and encourage others to do the same,, in the madness of the false belief that we have given up, all of our inalienable rights,,

notice to a people [the clock is ticking]

iain duncan smith is a member of the un-elected lib dem/conservative party,, whom decided to run the  united kingdomas a coadjuter  without  the  full consent or agreement  of  all  of a  people,,

​​​10/10 2014

yvonne pears, common law wills, and trusts, have been executed, under registration numbers,, cigclcoj,100000sj and cigclcoj,100000py,, ​

see below one of the many publications, about UK MP Iain Duncan Smith,s killing sprees,,

it is widely known in the UK,, 

25] EQIUTA, thursday 16th july 2015

see email above to the private company, named EQUITA, whom were given seven days, to provide a copy of any judgment they alleged that they had,,

it is now over 50-days later, and EQUITA have not been able to provide a copy of any judgment that they had alleged that they had,, including the fact that yvonne pears has no knowledge of any judgment,,,

this is proof that a private company is fraudulently taking the law into their own hands, under the consent of iain duncan smith, which includes the unlawful attempts and threats, to break and enter onto and into peoples private land, and real estate, with the criminal intent of, trespass, robbery, violence, and also a breach of privacy and the public peace and religious freedoms,, which is proven fascism,,

a bailiff is required to send the defendant a letter saying that a warrant has been issued and that he or she must pay within seven days,,

EQUITA,s documentation prove that there has never been any court warrant, including the fact that EQUITA have refused to provide any evidence of any warrant,,

see copy of EQUITA fraudulent documents below,,,

26] [21st july 2015,, criminal  aggravated, and intensified trespass, and provocation against yvonne pears by a "private company", named EQUITA whom are proven fascists,,

see proof below,,

EQITA,S fraudulent document states, that they are authorised by the court, to remove your goods/vehicle,, yet,, EQUITA ,,have already agreed,, that they do not know of any court judgment,, and neither do they have any alleged court judgment,, regarding i,, yvonne pears,, see EQITA alleged ENFORCEMENT NOTICE,, look at Court Fee, which clearly shows Court Fee £0.00,, proving that there had not been any court involved with any alleged Debt Claim against i, yvonne pears,,which proves that EQUITA are acting fraudulently, and are scamming a people of the UK and money laundering,,

as all alleged debts, require, a "true bill" which has to be  proven in a lawful court,,

money laundering

EQUITA,S criminal, threatening, demands for money, is money laundering,, as the fraudulent money that EQUITA are unlawfully taking from people are not "true bills",, and cannot be placed into any accounting system, and cannot be taxed,,,

in addition, any alleged court judgment, against i, yvonne pears, would constitute tyranny, and an act of civil war, by an unlawful court, in an  attempt to over rule a common law court and jury,,,

meaning that EQUITA, make no denials that they are fascists and they agree that there is no judgment,,,,