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Cameron,s great grandfather is Emile Levita, a German immigrant, who came to britain and became a director of the chartered bank of India, Australia + China, offices in Threadneedle st in City of London, and gained British citizenship in 1871, 

Emiles eldest son, Arthur, a stockbroker, married Steffie Cooper, a cousin of the Royal family, linking Cameron to King George 111, an ancestor he shared with the Queen-his fifth cousin once removed, 

4] ​​ prior to the 2015 elections,, MP Iain Duncan Smith, is proven to have made,, passed,, and used false records,, against our national insurance funds, and our national insurance numbers,, 

including, by his fraudulent sanctions, without, we a peoples right to our defences and jury hearings, prior to, any/all sanctions against us and our national insurance funds, which belong to us, not the Government, and they are "ring fenced",, 

the Government criminal recordings, entered against our national insurance numbers, is a Government hostile take over, of our national insurance fund, which creates a false identity and bears no relation or resembelence to us personally,,

this means that the Government have defrauded and breached all of the UK national insurance,, and nullified and voided it,,

therefore, we are not personally identifiable as voters, by our national insurance numbers,, due to the fact that we cannot consent to the validation of insurance fraud and false records,, 

we do not recognise any foreign laws, that breach, or try to overrule the magna charter, and our sovereign rights,, we have formed our own sovereign self  governance,,

5]  prior to the 2015 elections,, MP Jeremy Hunt, is proven to have made,, passed,, and used false records,, against our national insurance funds, and our national insurance numbers,,

this is also proven and backed up by Jeremy Hunt's ally, MP Iain Duncan Smith,,

MP Jeremy Hunt is involved in NHS [national health service] fraud,,

1] when we contract with an NHS GP, it does not mean that we have a medical contract with any other medical people,, unless we specifically request this service via our GP,, due to the fact that the payments are taken out of our national insurance fund, and they are registered under our personal national insurance number,,

2] Jeremy Hunt is directly involved in the continual NHS and national insurance fraud,, via making, using, and passing false medical records, to syphon off fraudulent payments, for non existent medical  interventions,, including, the creation of ghost patients, and the employment of illegals acting as doctors,,

in addition, Jeremy Hunt has fraudulently been syphoning payments from the NHS funding,, for people whom are not even registered with the NHS,,,

these fraudulent records have been admitted to by MP Iain Duncan Smith,,

3] Iain Duncan Smith, via the DWP has unlawfully used we a people's money, by the employment of a private company called ATOS, in breach of our national insurance,, and our privacy,,

to undertake medical assessments,, by the forceful and criminal ,overriding of our insured, contracted doctors, and any hospital doctors, and any/all professional documents, X-rays and opinions,,