​​see below, more of our manifesto,

party members ideas will be welcomed,

*​take your power back*,

the uk governments have, deliberately, kept us all, in a two horse race,

with no alternative, choices

of government,

except for the Labour Party

or the Conservative Party,

this is perpetrated by,

their use of the media,

to destroy, and annihilate,

all of the alternative Parties,

this cannot continue,

otherwise it becomes a


breaches of God,s Oath, is not permissible, for any government,

securing uk borders, is a lawful requirement, with or without Brexit,

[ leaving uk borders, open to masses of people, whom are unchecked, and undocumented, is a criminal offence,,]

[we will improve the economy, by actively seeking trading opportunities, and actively helping new businesses to prosper and grow,

and stopping the billions of pounds wasted, by the fraudulent use of tax payers money,,

and we will spend it where it lawfully belongs ]

in addition, there is a massive wastage of public money within the NHS,

we will see to it that the hard working Nurses and Doctors, get their rightful payment of wages, and we cover the costs to properly train and educate Nurses whom lawfully reside within the uk,

furthermore, we will take into consideration, and listen to advice, from Doctors and Nurses, whom are presently employed by our NHS,


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we will take a hard line against the computer misuse and fraud by Government agents, causing the massive wastage of taxpayers money, 

employment and employment agencies,


we will take a hard line against the Department of Work and Pensions, including the unlawful force of unpaid work,, serious breaches of disability rights and payments, which is a breach of God,s Oath,,

we will take a hard line against paedophiles,,

we will take a hard line against human trafficking,,

we will take a hard line against secret courts,,

we will take a hard line for securing uk borders,,

we will take a hard line against breaches of rights, including,

rights of freedom of the press,,  freedom of speech,, rights to life and liberty, rights to family life, rights against arbitrary fines and/or imprisonments, rights to privacy, rights to liberty and security, rights to education, rights to religious freedoms,

​rights to a public trial by jury,  rights against medical interventions, without consent,,  

and more...

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