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14] the government have refused to comply

with the results of the referendum, 

their Manifesto,s and their Oath,s 



meaning that the government are no longer validated or recognised as a Uk government,

15 yesterday, on the 29th of march 2019,

Theresa May, was desperately

trying for the third time,

to get her unlawful deal voted in,

because the EU had said that they can only extend the date, IF their Deal was voted for,

the government have spent two whole years, seeking to overthrow brexit,

including by deception and propaganda,

during this wasted time,

they have not effectively,

dealt with knife crime,

they have left the Prisons, Courts, and Probation Services, to degenerate,

the NHS has also been left in disarray,

proper Police training has been ignored,

fostering, and adoption requirements,

are being unlawfully violated,

​and much much more,

and NOW even more time is being wasted

and even more, of the working classes hard earned money, is being wasted, by the unlawful intent to stop brexit,

ul people,s votes, no longer count,


1] we, the UK people had a full 10-weeks,

to Decide, and Vote on the Referendum,

2] the Result of the Referendum,

is a Lawful Judgment by the UK people,

to Leave the EU, 

of which, NO Government, or judge,
has the power to impede,

hinder, or overthrow,​

3] a government cannot overrule a UK People We the People are Sovereign,

and We the People hold the Power,

​4] the Leaflet for the Referendum Vote,

was a clearly defined contract,

of a Vote to Leave, or Remain in the EU, 

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9] the EU, does not hold the power, to Extend the Date of the Withdrawal Agreement, without a lawful reason,

with the express consent of

the UK Parliament,

a Lawful reason to extend,

 a withdrawal date, is required to be on the basis, of the RESULT,

 of a New, and Different Vote,

10] Theresa May agreed with the EU, to extend the date on the withdrawal agreement, without due process,

11] Theresa May, also required the lawful advice of the Attorney General,

regarding any extension, of the

Art 50 Withdrawal Date, to leave the EU,

11] prior to an Extension 

of a Withdrawal Agreement Date, 

the Law requires that a

Government ​White Paper is produced, 

in regard to an extension date,

before, it can be introduced into legislation,

12] the white paper about the extension date, has to be published,

to test Public Opinion, and gauge it,s impact, 

before it introduces it, into legislation,

13] a Draft Agreement was required, Prior To, the extension of the withdrawal date,

a Draft Agreement, is a tentative, provisional, or preparatory

writing out of a document,

for the purposes of discussion, and correction, which afterwards,

is copied out in its final shape, 

5] Leaving the EU, frees the UK, to trade with the World Trade Organisation,

at no time, did we the people,

vote for anything else,

6] Theresa May and her 

Un-Elected, and Unqualified,

Civil Servants 585-page-Deal

constitutes a TREATY WITH THE EU,

of which cannot Lawfully be Contracted into,

due to the fact, that we the people

did NOT Vote for a Deal/Treaty,

including the fact that 17.4 million people cannot consent, to a 585-page-contract, of which they do not fully understand, , 

7] the article 50 withdrawal agreement,

is a Lawfully Binding Contract,

of which requires a Start Date, and 

an End Date, of which is written in stone,

8] the Withdrawal Agreement Contract,

to leave the EU, on 29th march 2019, 

cannot be Overthrown, or Changed, 

without the lawful consent,

of the UK people,