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cocoa interspace international global common law courts of justice

creditors petition

scheduled hearing date, 13th december 2015,

re-judgment lien,,

today's date, friday 13th october 2015

amount owed one million two hundred and fifty thousand pounds sterling, with accruing interest,

judgment lien, re-case no,, v3cor/18/04/2015 may be placed and listed in bankruptcy court,,

Iain Duncan Smith [also known as George Duncan Smith] found guilty on 18th april 2015,, 

cocoa interspace international global common law courts of justice

website address -


case no,, v3cor/18/04/2015,,

​creditor/petitioner- yvonne pears

bankruptcy notice to Iain Duncan Smith


to instruct Iain Duncan Smith to pay amount of  judgment lien,,

final amount of one miilion two hundred and fifty thousand pounds sterling within the specified date of the 13th december 2015,

to respond to creditors hearing,,

a] i, Iain Duncan Smith agree to being made bankrupt,,

b] i, Iain Duncan Smith do not agree,, explain reasons why,,

c] i, Iain Duncan Smith need more time to pay,,,

you are required to respond, at least 3-days prior to the date of hearing,, set for the 13th december 2015,,

final amount owed, one million two hundred and fifty thousand pounds sterling,

if, you, Iain Duncan Smith do not agree to being made bankrupt, you must notify court at least 3-days before hearing,

you, Iain Duncan Smith are required to notify the court, via the e-mail address below,,

reply to,

sent by signed for delivery and e-mail, to the business address of, Iain Duncan Smith

[words and documentation are the copyright of cocoa interspace],,

friday 13th november 2015,

formal notice to Mr Alan Keir Chief Executive

see exhibit below