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today friday 30th october 2015, at 11:17am a copy of the international arrest warrant against Iain Duncan Smith, was sent via email to Thames Valley Police,, see evidence below,,

Iain Duncan Smith was found guilty on the 18th april 2015 by a jury of eighty five people, of causing loss, harm and injury against yvonne pears,,

cocoa interspace international global common law courts of justice, on 22nd april 2015, made judgment against Iain Duncan Smith, of damages payable to his victim, yvonne pears, of one million, two hundred and fifty pounds sterling, of which includes court costs, to be paid by the 22nd may 2015,, failure by Iain Duncan Smith to make, or arrange payment to yvonne pears will result in the imprisonment of Iain Duncan Smith, until the full payment of damages, is received by yvonne pears,,

​people whom are authorised to seize, arrest and detain Iain Duncan Smith, include people whom are, [a] law enforcement officers, [b] peace officers, [c] international commonwealth law enforcement officers, [d] any foreign powers whom wish to assist in the detainment of a fraudster, and an anti-christian tyrant,,

​this arrest and sentencing warrant, orders the imprisonment  of Iain Duncan Smith and detainment within a high category prison, either inside, or outside of the United Kingdom, until he has satisfied the full payment of damages to yvonne pears, of which is inclusive of court costs,,

anyone whom assists Iain Duncan Smith in the continuance of his crimes, and/or the avoidance of his imprisonment will be deemed as a co-conspirator and liable to prosecution,,

see iain Duncan Smith's guilty verdict on the home page of the international global common law courts of justice website, 

MP Iain Duncan Smith international arrest warrant

friday 30th of october 2015,, 

the arrest and sentence of the known tyrant, MP Iain Duncan Smith,, whom has also caused many deaths of a people of the united kingdom,,

the arrest and sentencing of MP Iain Duncan Smith, also known as George Duncan Smith,, is ordered by cocoa interspace,, the international global common law courts of justice,, issued by yvonne pears and jasbir surana,,​​