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8] yet Judge Harmes, insisted on his pretence, in a secret hearing, in a tiny room with no seating for the public,,

including placing lynne and the police on the stand, to play out their argument, and he accepted his oath to the queen, god, the sovereign people and the british empire,,, 

Judge Harmes also forced lynne into a second secret hearing in relation to Jade Leigh Holland, whom, not only was,nt present at supposedly her own hearing,, but lynne was still forced to argue with the Judge,, about someone whom does,nt qualify as a witness, but whom is also an invisible entity,,,

yet Judge Harmes decided that he personally, was representing Jade Holland,,

Judge Harmes eventually abandoned his unlawful hearing,,, so the Court Clerk released lynne with an un-signed piece of paper,, lynne has never, at any time,, been told of any charges against her, by the Prison's she was held in, or by the Judge, Court, or anyone else, including the fact that lynne has never been given any paper work, whatsoever, as to why she had been kidnapped to Prison camps,,, the only piece of paper lynne was given, was an un-signed, unverified lava-tory, unproven note,,
below is a handwritten note from the court clerk, which was handed to lynne portues on the 27th october 2014, in the court, because she requested the names of the court staff whom were present at her unlawful-hearing,,

lynne already had her own common law representation, yvonne pears,

of which she was refused,,, "Douglas" was given a private meeting with lynne, without her prior consent and prior to the hearing,,, lynne was pressurised into talking to him whilst held hostage,,, lynne continually refused to stand under the control of "Douglas" until he eventually cleared off,,the 3-Magistrates and the Clerk refused to provide their names, yet they are public servants, and they laughed and mocked lynne when she demanded her rights to be heard at a common law hearing, which is the law of the land, including the fact that the British people have been offered the magna carta,, by the Government, as an exchange to the european courts of justice,, "yet the magna carta is already ours", below is a list of all of the names and numbers of the uk Police whom have refused to stand under any oath, and refused to sign and witness their allegations against lynne, Cleveland Police Sgt 1820 ManselT/,Sgt 1832 Barclay Constable, 1639 Bonner, PC 2242 Molloy, PC 2357 Rutherford, PC 2318 Woof, PC 2193 Grieves,1974 Prosser Jodi Lei, PC 2147 Orcheston - Findlay Lawrence, PC 9781 Fletcher, PC 20737 Todd,, PC David Angus Mckendry ,,,

we a sovereign people command our inalienable rights as our sovereignty has been undermined and brutalised by an un-elected Government, not all matters raised at this time,, see below email to Conservative ChrisGrayling MP *representation by yvonne pears cocoa international global common law courts of justice*

3] *cocoa international common law courts of justice, yvonne pears  representing mother and daughter*,,,  

EXPOSE Document 4 of many un-signed, alleged statements by Police, which is a serious data breach,
proving that the Police refuse to confirm their allegations,,, do they think that the uniform that they hide behind,, makes the rest of the world agree, that the police, can say and do anything they like and get away with it, whilst the people whom are paying their wages are to be persecuted on a catalogue of Police lies and cover ups ?,,,

​see email from cocoa interspace below to,
MP Chris Grayling, Ten Downing St and Teesside Magistrates Court,
*representation by yvonne pears cocoa international common law courts of justice*

6] natalie and her lawyer yvonne pears, kept on phoning Peterborough Prison, to speak to natalie,s mother lynne portues, but Peterborough Prison kept on telling them that they have to get permission form Yvonne Stuart Taylor, as she is lynne,s representation,

they knew that they couldn't stop natalie from having contact with her mother forever, so they allowed natalie very brief, monitored calls to her mother, lynne,

it turned out, that lynne had been hoodwinked by Yvonne Stewart Taylor, that she was a lawyer, and Taylor had lied to lynne, by telling her that her lawyer yvonne pears was no longer representing her,

she further lied to lynne, by saying that natalie was safe, living with Carla Buckle, and that they had both instructed her, to be lynne,s lawyer, of which was why the Prison has allowed unlimited phone contact to her,

this proves that Carla Buckle and Yvonne Stewart Taylor are a pair of criminals, whom were in fraudulent cahoots together, and most likely planted by the Police, to obstruct justice,

*corrupt MP and Judge violate jehovah's witness*
*representation by cocoa international global common law courts of justice*
see copy of email above from cocoa interspace, sent to
Chris Grayling,,10 Downing St, and Teesside magistrates court,,

*mother and daughter represented by yvonne pears cocoa international global common law courts of justice*,

[re,, lynne portues, dob 26th october 1959] on friday 24th october 2014, lynne was transferred from the French run Peterborough prison/concentration camp,, to
Low Newton women,s prison, lynne was allowed a brief phone call to her daughter nathalie late on friday afternoon, from Low Newton Prison, to tell nathalie that she has been transferred and that she has just found out, that she has a "trial" at Teesside Magistrates Court in three days time, on monday 27th october 2014, but she has no information of the time of the "trial"
on monday morning a
Low Newton Prison Warden, told lynne that she was being taken to Teesside Crown Court for a "trial",,,
lynne was shocked, as she was told on friday, that her "trial" was listed at
Teesside Magistrates, notTeesside Crown Court ?,
the Prison Warden rang Teesside Crown Court, to find out if lynne was listed there ?,
the Crown Court confirmed that lynne,s trial was not listed in their Court,,
the Warden then rang Teesside Magistrates Court to find out if lynne,s "trial" is listed there ?,,

Teesside Magistrates Court confirmed that they did,nt have any listing for anyone named lynne portues,,
the Prison Warden rang Teesside Magistrates again, because it was not known where they were to take lynne to, so eventually it was decided that lynne can be dropped off at the Magistrates Court,,,

later that morning nathalie received a phone call from someone from Teesside Magistrates Court asking her if lynne had representation ?, in the full knowledge that lynne had representaton from lawyer yvonne pears, cocoa interspace,, proven from the e-mail they recieved 2-days before,,
nathalie confirmed that lynne does have her own representation, and asked the Court, what time is her mum,s hearing taking place ?,,
the Court refused to say what time lynne,s "trial" was, neither did they tell nathalie that
there was a massive Police presence outside the Court, preventing anyone whom wants to watch lynne,s "trial," or representing her, or attending, or witnessing the event,,,

the fact that lynne portues was released from Prison WITHOUT CHARGE, was due to to MP Chris Grayling,s compliance, with lawyer yvonne pears formal notifications to him, giving him 14-days

to release lynne portues from Prison,

of which the facts prove,

because Lynne was NOT due in Court, and had she had been given an early release from Prison,

without charge, and without prior notice,  

the Court Staff made lynne wait an extra hour until the Police had gone, by telling her that she has to wait until they have gone, in case they try and arrest her again,,,,,

lynne portues and her 21-year-old daughter natalie veart, were forced into homelessness, because of the police brutality against them, so they moved themselves to a hotel in coventry, leaving their home and their belongings behind, in order to be under the protection of their lawyer, yvonne pears,

the police tracked lynne and natalie down via their car registration number, and dragged them both off to the Coventry Magistrates Court, refusing them their lawful rights, of a phone call to their lawyer yvonne pears, 

the Coventry Magistrates Courts unlawfully sent lynne to the French Sodexo Prison in Peterborough , and dumped her 21-year-old daughter in Teeside, rendering her homeless, natalie was left stranded, frightened and penniless, when she was contacted, by a total stranger named Carla Buckle, whom offered her a roof over her head, in another town, where natalie felt that she had no choice but to accept this woman,s offer, and agreed to stay at Carla Buckle,s flat,

it turned out that the stranger Carla Buckle, was involved with the police, and also with a woman named Yvonne Stewart Taylor, whom was allegedly married to a policeman,

once natalie was living under Carla Buckle's roof, Buckle began to continually quiz natalie about her mother, including the name of their lawyer, and details about the court case, until natalie overheard Carla Buckle discussing her mother with someone over the phone, and she asked Carla Buckle whom she is discussing her mother and her private business to ? ​Carla Buckle then proceeded to convince natalie that she is getting Yvonne Stewart Taylor to help her, by falsely claiming that Taylor is a lawyer, who had found information of natalie,s mother,s whereabouts, of which was Peterborough Prison,

Buckle also informed natalie that Taylor, is now her mother,s lawyer, and she is in regular contact with her mother over the phone, with the consent of the Prison, 

natalie, realised that something was wrong, and kept asking Buckle if she could use the internet, to contact her lawyer, of which Buckle refused, soon after, when Buckle was at work, natailie went onto the computer and contacted her lawyer yvonne pears,

yvonne pears, had to wait until the next morning, while Buckle was at work, and took a friend with her, to rescue natalie from Buckles flat , and they brought her back to coventry, to place her into a safe house,

yvonne and natalie, tried to get contact with her mother Lynne, at Peterborough Prison, whom refused all contact, saying that Yvonne Stewart Taylor, is her legal representation, 

 Yvonne Stewart Taylor in cahoots with Carla Buckle, had hoodwinked natalie, to gain enough information, to convince her mother, whom was in Prison, that Taylor was a Solicitor,

yvonne and natalie then emailed Conservative MP Chris Grayling,


we a sovereign people and the british empire, command you Conservative MP Chris Grayling, to release lynne with immediate effect,, and provide her with a roof over her head and financial support, until she is fully compensated for all of the wrongs committed against her, on behalf of a sovereign people and the british empire, failure to do so, will mean that lynne and nathalie will be given, no choice, but to claim Political Asylum in another country under religious abuses and claim against you, MP Chris Grayling, personally, for all of the wrongs, watched over and consented by you,,,

see notification below via email MP Chris Grayling,10 Downing Street & Teesside Magistrates Court

*representation by yvonne pears cocoa international global common law courts of justice*

9]  common law lawyer yvonne pears,

won lynne portues case,,


cocoa interspace international global common law courts of justice lawyer  yvonne,, forced the uk courts to discharge their unlawful case against lynne portues,, and forced lynne,s accusers,, police, judges and an MP, into compliance of lynne's lawful entitlement to her sovereignty,

and her liberty under british common law

and her rightful  freedoms,,

,,,,yesterday Teesside Magistrates Court, under your supervision, as the Conservative MP and Justice Minister, rebuked the oaths of all parties to lynne's portues hearing, in the full knowledge of the unholy unlawfulness of lynne,s captivity in a french run concentration camp on British soil, by a French run regime,,, i, bring to your notice, and to,, her majesty the Queen, the British Empire, and to the sovereign people that,,, all of the alleged evidence against lynne, is unsigned and un-witnessed and including by the Police, meaning, that the UK Police have refused their oaths to, God, Queen and country,,
this also shows that
the Police, the Courts and the uk Government do not consider that anyone has a right to their religion and their religious freedoms, therefore they cannot be recognised as having any moral standing in any society,, yesterday lynne was pursued against her will, whilst held hostage in the french run Prison, to place herself under the control, of an un-appointed Solicitor, named Niel Douglas from Watson and Woodhouse Solicitors,, ,,,,

 5] [UK Courts collude with Police in attacking, violating and defaming jehovah,s witnesses]

*representation by yvonne pears,, cocoa international global common law courts of justice*

[ 25th october 2014, cocoa interspace lawyer yvonne pears, sent an e-mail to, Conservative MP Chris Grayling,, 10 downing st,, and Teesside Magistrates Court,, 2-days prior to lynne portues hearing, which was due to be heard on the 27th october 2014,],,

  re-lynne portues dob, 26th october ,

yesterday friday 24th october 2014,, lynne was moved from the French run Peterborough Prison/concentration camp, where she was unlawfully held captive and forced to suffer extreme abuse at the mercy of an anti sovereign regime,,

lynne is now unlawfully held in Low Newton Prison in Durham until her unlawful and unholy hearing on monday 27th october 2014, the time of unlawful hearing is unknown,, Low Newton Prison allowed lynne to phone her daughter today and cut the phone off as soon as lynne mentioned jehovah,,

earlier this year, lynne and her daughter nathalie were unlawfully brought before Hartlepool Court, without a lawful contract of any complainant, meaning the Court are the complainant, Hartlepool Court refused to stand under their oaths to,, Her Majesty the Queen, God, and a sovereign people, to whom they are public servants,, lynne and nathalie rightfully placed the Court under their oaths, worded by their lawyer yvonne pears,, by reading out,
"on and for the record, i, accept the oaths of the Court, the Clerk, the Judge and all others concerned",, [all others concerned, also includes any valid witnesses, with a signed and witnessed pledge/statement, under penalty of perjury]

Hartlepool Court, refused their oaths and ejected lynne and nathalie from the Court room, and told them that they can only come back into the Court if they are divided,, so they phoned their lawyer yvonne pears, of cigclcoj, whom further advised them, and they found out they are allowed to return to the Court room together if they wish,, they made it known to the Court, and the court backed down, only then,, did they allow them back into the Court together,,  

,,again,, lynne and nathalie placed the Court under their oaths, by reading it out, and again, lynne and nathalie were again ejected from the court,, this happened 3-times to lynne and nathalie, where the Court refused to stand under their oaths and every time the Court ejected them,, so they rang their lawyer yvonne pears again, whom further advised them,,
Hartlepool Court, then told lynne and nathalie that they will go ahead with the hearing without their oaths and without them,,, the local newspapers have confirmed this,, but claim that reading out the oath constitutes 'chanting', yet they have deliberately omitted to verify what words were read out,,  the press 'did verify' that lynne and nathalie were thrown out and a supposed trial was had in their absence,,,,,,see below for evidence,, the press would be expected to print, verbatim, what words were repeatedly said by lynne and nathalie,, Magistrates were forced to trial the duo in their absence after they refused to stop chanting about ‘not recognising the law of the land’ and were thrown out of court.

lynne and her daughter nathalie whom are jehovah,s witnesses have been forced into homelessness over many months, due to extreme brutality by the Uk Police wearing French boots, backed by UK French run Courts and Conservative MP Chris Grayling,, lynne cannot ever return to what used to be her home in Hartlepool, in the knowledge that she is being continually persecuted and refused her religion,,,

4] [UK Police religious discrimination and violence against jehovah's witnesses]

*cocoa international global common law courts of justice, lawyer yvonne pears,, representing mother and daughter*,,,

re,, MP Chris Grayling, Ten Downing St and Teesside Magistrates Court,, Teesside, Hartlepool and Coventry Magistrates Courts  have joined in with the religious discrimination against lynne portues, dob, 26th october 1959, whom is a jehovah's witness,,,

yesterday, thursday 22nd october 2014, lynne was listed to be heard at, Teesside Magistrates Court via a skype link from the PRIVATISED SODEXO, FRENCH RUN, PETERBOROUGH PRISON, where she is unlawfully held captive, UNDER FRENCH LAW, MEANING THAT BRITISH PEOPLE, ARE BEING HELD CAPTIVE, AS GUILTY, UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT, there are FRENCH BOOTS are in Iraq and Syria, AND NOW, ON BRITISH SOIL, OVERRULING BRITISH SOVEREIGNTY, 

the day before the hearing, i, a [wo]man, nathalie veart gave notice of i, accepting the oaths, [COPYRIGHT OF lawyer yvonne pears], see below,

i, a wo[man] , nathalie of the veart family, on behalf of my mother lynne of the portues family, hereby on this day tuesday the twenty first of october, two thousand and fourteen, accept the oath to the queen and god and the british empire and the sovereign people,, of Conservative MPChris Grayling ,the Conservative Party, Teesside Magistrates Court, the Judge, the Clerk, the Prosecution and all others concerned,,,

we a sovereign people and the british empire, command you Conservative MP Chris Grayling, to release lynne with immediate effect,, and provide her with a roof over her head and financial support, until she is fully compensated for all of the wrongs committed against her, on behalf of a sovereign people and the british empire, failure to do so, will mean that lynne and nathalie will be given, no choice, but to claim Political Asylum in another country under religious abuses and claim against you, MP Chris Grayling, personally, for all of the wrongs, watched over and consented by you,,,

see notification below via email to MP Chris Grayling,10 Downing Street & Teesside Magistrates Court

*representation by yvonne pears cocoa international global common law courts of justice*

7]  the Judge whom held 2-unlawful trials with lynne on the day, is named District Judge Stephen Douglas Harmes, whom was personally appointed on the advice of MP Chris Grayling,, see below,,

The Queen has appointed Stephen Douglas Harmes to be a District Judge (Magistrates’ Courts) on the advice of the Lord Chancellor, the Right Honourable Chris Grayling MP.

District Judge Stephen Douglas Harmes, held 2-unrecorded, secret "hearings" on that day with lynne,, whilst knowingly refusing her," her own representation",,
the first unlawful, and unrecorded, SECRET hearing, was with 2-Policemen named, PC 2147 Orcheston - Findlay, Lawrence and PC 2242 Molloy, whom had "no signed or witnessed statements" against or regarding lynne,, see proof below,,,,,,

see, picture of the fake, and unrecorded restraining order below,

which has "no court seal",, "nosignature" and the deliberate mis-spelling of lynne,s  name, address and post code,,

 the correct name, address and post code is,,, 

lynne portues, 4 Gillpark Grove, TS25 1DT ,

this fraudulent lava-tory paper, would normally be sent to the Police, and placed on their records, yet no living man exists on it, under a non existent address meaning

the Police take orders from fake, unrecorded

lava-tory paper, under Neo-Nazi procedures,,