4] the government have now decided,

that we all need to be injected with a Vaccine containing the Virus,

that we allegedly have not built any immunity to,,

​5] the Government are using Our Taxes,

to fund a Vaccine of which is UNINSURABLE,

meaning that it may be even more Dangerous,

than Heroin and Cocaine,

due to the fact Vaccinating People,

with a Vaccine, that has not been properly tried and tested for at least 4-years,

is knowingly administering Noxious Poisons,

because NO DOCTOR, is able to honestly,

provide us with FULL DISCLOSURE,


6],  the Government are handing over our taxes,

to a Private Company,

whom have beaten off the competition,

by hurriedly coming up with a Vaccine,

of which we are paying for,

whilst being informed that the Vaccine Company

have been indemnified,, ​​

our common law is simple,

it simply states,


*as a lawyer, i question the Government's

Newly Rolled Out Corona Virus Vaccine,

of which has been developed,

in a matter of a Few Short Months,

 i ask, "what are the long term effects,

of this Corona Vaccine ?

and, "does it Qualify as a Vaccine ?"

because, A REAL VACCINE,

is a substance containing a Virus or Bacterium


​in order to prevent a person, from getting a Disease,

that a Virus or Bacterium causes,

yet, what the Government is rolling out,

is Not Lawfully a Vaccine, because

the Long Term Effects of it, have not been Proven,

therefore, *IT MAY BE HARMFUL*,

where A Real Vaccine, is Not Harmful * 

[the UK Government are overruling our Lawful Rights, including by false arrests,

and fraudulent fines without convictions,

this is why we have today, 

held a common law court with a Jury,

to override, everyone whomsoever attempts to, enforce, blackmail, or pressurise people,

into accepting a Vaccine, or alleged Vaccine,

against their wishes ] ,

1] we the people have a lawful right to refuse to be  vaccinated against our wishes,

2] according to the UK Government,

and their cohorts, there is allegedly,


namely the Corona Virus, or Covid 19,

3] although i am not a Doctor, or a Scientist,

it is very odd that most people,

are supposedly carrying this alleged virus,

Without any Symptoms, and...

even after having testing Positive, for this 

Corona Virus, and isolating themselves,

until they have tested Negative.....

the government are still supposing,

that people whom have Recovered from

the Virus, are...

continuing to get the virus, Over And Over again,

Without Building any Immunity,

and spreading it on, to others,


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today is friday 4th december 2020,

by lawyer yvonne pears,

Right To Refuse A Vaccine,

we the people versus,

the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson

and his cohorts

it is 8:45pm on friday 4th december 2020,

the Jury's Verdict is Unanimous,

The Jury Have Decided YES,

We Have A Right To Refuse A Vaccine,

[although we naturally,

have a right to refuse a vaccine,

the UK Government have been overriding 

our lawful rights ]

​​7] there is no Requirement to Indemnify a

Vaccine Company, from a Prosecution,

whom are receiving Public Money,...

unless there is incriminating evidence,

about the safety of the Vaccine,

or anticipated loss, harm or injury from it,  

8] the law is clear, if we pay for something,

then we have a right to recompense,

if we have been mislead or harmed by it,,,

and a Company whom are accepting payment

from us, cannot be indemnified, 

9] Government, Doctors, Employers, Businesses,

and, or their cohorts, 

cannot attempt to enforce, cajole, or threaten people, to make them take a Vaccine,

without their Fully Informed and Express Consent,,

10] if MPs vote to make the Corona Vaccine Mandatory, then we can RECALL them,

ONE BY ONE, in each and every town,

for Breach of Trust, and

Breach of our


i now conclude this case against 

the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson 

and his cohorts, whom have already

decided to roll out the Vaccine,

[i require the jury to decide on whether our rights to refuse a Vaccine is upheld,

please state YES, for our Right To Refuse A Vaccine ,


please state NO, if you believe that we have

No Right To Refuse A Vaccine ,