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at 9:30pm 3-more policemen arrived at gurpreet,s elderly parents home in a police van, looking for gurpreet, 

at 11:30pm 4-more policemen arrived at gurpreet,s terrified elderly parents home in a police van, with loud sirens blaring and flashing lights, looking for gurpreet,

all for Police searched the whole house, without a warrant, and again, refusing to identify themselves, or provide their names,

or collar numbers,

and due to the terrifying, violent, and aggressive behaviour of the Police,

gurpreet singh is now terrified to return home, and he is now suffering with

sleeplessness, and severe panic attacks,​​

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the police refused to provide gurpreet,s family with their names, or their collar numbers, proving that they were not acting under their common law oath, and in addition, the Police were also in possession of the contact details of gurpreet singh,s lawyer, yvonne pears, and they chose not to inform her of their intentions in regard to gurpreet, 

​the next morning at 9:37am, gurpreet,s lawyer yvonne pears, contacted the Court, and spoke to Chelsea, to check if they had a warrant, or any information, or any listings in regard to gurpreet singh, and Chelsea confirmed, that nothing exists on the Court records regarding gurpreet singh, there are NO Court warrants, NO records or listings, whatsoever in regard to gurpreet singh,

in addition, our Political Party email has been compromised, where Party members are given warnings, when they want to email our party, and our social media had been hacked,

plus, lawyer yvonne pears has for the first time, in 4-years and 5 months, had difficulty getting onto her court website, 

this is NO coincidence, and these are highly expensive, and unlawful acts by the Police, over an unproven traffic misdemeanour, therefore the Police unlawful refusal to identify themselves, or give any details to contact them, and their intimidation of gurpreet, and his family, has enforced this judgment against you, MP Sajid Javid, due to the fact that the Police are under your authority,

i, gurpreet singh madar,,  a living breathing man, hereby, on this day thursday 14th march 2019, hereby enforce my lien, including every single allegation within it, against you, MP Sajid Javid, of the Conservative Party,

this judgment lien hereby requires you, MP Sajid Javid to pay gurpreet singh, the full amount of the lien, of one million pounds sterling, within the next 14-days, and in addition my lawyers fees of one thousand pounds per hour, was also made known to you, therefore, you are also required to pay the costs of my lawyers fees, of fifty thousand pounds sterling, within the next 14-days, if this amount is not paid, then i will not hesitate, in enforcing Bankruptcy Proceedings against you,

​please take note, that ignoring this matter, will not make it go away, and if anything else happens against gurpreet singh, or his lawyer yvonne pears, then you MP Sajid Javid, and the Conservative Party, will be held wholly responsible,

​you can contact me via my email address at


or my lawyers address


signed                  witnessed by

dated                    dated

see proof below, that MP Sajid Javid also received two further copies of the lien,

by signed for recorded delivery,

the next day on friday 15th january 2019

judgment lien against

MP Sajid Javid,

claimant gurpreet singh madar,

commonly known as gurpreet singh,

defendant MP Sajid Javid

today,s date is thursday 14th march 2019,

​[re; lien against you MP Sajid Javid,

 dated friday 22nd of february 2019],

you MP Sajid Javid, have used the Police, to target gurpreet singh, in order to intimidate him, into dropping his claim against you, therefore, to protect gurpreet,s life and limb, from your Police cohorts,

you have therefore, given us no other choice, but to hereby on this day thursday 14th march 2019, enforce the judgment on the lien, dated 22nd february 2019 against you, 

on the tuesday 12th of march 2019, you, MP Sajid Javid, sent two un-identified Police gangs, to gurpreet singh,s elderly parents home, to terrorise them, claiming to be looking for him, at 19:20pm

​and again at 9:45pm, ​​




thursday 14 march 2019

​see proof of email below, to MP Sajid Javid 

at 10:51 am this morning,

​ MP Sajid Javid received an email from gurpreet singh,s lawyer, yvonne pears,

containing the above judgment,

less than 9-hours later,

gurpreets elderly parents, whom have health conditions were subjected to a campaign of cruel and unusual punishment by the Police,​​

at 7:30pm that evening, 3-police arrived at gurpreet,s elderly parentS home,

and one of them banged on the door,

when gurpreet,s sister opened the door, the policeman did not have a warrant, he refused to provide his name, and he was not wearing

a collar number, 

he asked for gurpreet, and his sister made it known to the policeman, that gurpreet was not  there, then, without warning, the policeman pushed his way into the house, and searched every room, including the garage,