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are we awake,,

during Andrew Lansley's time as the Health Secretary,,

unqualified foreigners,, including non-english-speaking foreigners,, were acting in place of qualified doctors,,  

and unqualified students were also put in place as medical staff,,

Cameron keeps saying that we need more foreign staff to come and work in the NHS,, yet the Tory's cannot prove their qualifications and are not training enough people in the UK,,

are we seeing the Europeanization of our NHS?,,

expose coming soon,,

a senior coroner Mary Hassell has ruled a landmark decision,,

that a man named Michael O'Sullivan, aged-60,, killed himself as a direct result,, of being found fit for work,, and having his sickness claim removed,, by Iain Duncan Smith, and his DWP regime,,

in 2014, the DWP, unlawfully ignored 2-doctors whom were treating Michael,, who had severe depression,, and in spite of a note from his GP,,

the coroner said, Michael O'Sullivan's suicide had been caused by anxiety, following being declared fit to work,,

MP Iain Duncan Smith arrest warrant,,

today's date is friday 25th september 2015,,

cocoa interspace international common law courts of justice,, are now preparing an international common law court arrest warrant in the name of Iain Duncan Smith,,

see [home page, re Iain Duncan Smith] ,, and,

i possess and enjoy all the lawful protections of common law,, and i maintain the right to live under common law,, any attempt of a deceptive contract/s or statutory regulation, will result in a fee schedule, and/or prosecution,,

are we awake,,

13th april 2011,, most of the 497 delegates at the Royal College of Nursing conference backed a motion  of "no confidence", questioning Andrew Lansley's handling of NHS reforms in England,,

14th may 2012,, Royal College of Nursing published a report, detailing  the number of NHS posts cut since Lansley became Secretary of health in 2010,,

it found that 26,327 NHS posts had been cut,, with 5,728 of them being nursing posts,,

61,113 posts, (including those already lost) were to be cut by 2015,,  and lansley admitted that the number of qualified nurses had gone down by nearly 3,000 ,,

28th june 2012,, doctors at a British medical Association conference voted in favour of calling for lansley's resignation,,

lansley was also accused of "breaching doctors trust" and misleading the public and the profession,,   

are we awake,, Tory MP Andrew Lansley, excepted payment, to sell off parts of the NHS, which does not belong to him,,

while Andrew Lansley was in opposition as the health spokesman, he excepted controversial payment, of £21,000 for his private office,, 

the payment taken, was from John Nash, the chairman of  a "private healthcare" provider "Care UK",, and founder of the private equity fund, "Sovereign Capital", which owns several other private health care companies,,

these companies stood to be the largest beneficiaries of Lansleys bill, which was passed by the Tory/Lib dem and the House of lords,, taking parts of our NHS out of our hands and into the hands of Tory donors,,

is this what you want for yourself and your families future ?,,

and you are unwittingly being terrorised, victimised and robbed it is time you woke up,,

your freedoms are being forcibly taken away from you by criminals, and you need to see how to stop being afraid and terrorised,,



the uk is a christian country,, a sovereign people of the uk are entitled to their common law,, which is the law of the land,, meaning,,

due process of law,, which hears before it condemns,, proceeding upon enquiry,,

[unless there is a voluntary guilty plea,, without duress and under valid evidence]

renders judgment only after trial by jury,,

meaning that everyone shall hold his life,, liberty,, property and immunities protected,,

immunity is exemption from taxation and fines, under immoral contracts,, which are void,,

a people whom have been wrongfully harmed by a Government or a Government body,,

by being unlawfully,, arrested,,, charged,, imprisoned,, drugged,, kidnapped,, defrauded,, falsely accused,,  deceived,, lied about,, alienated,, deprived,, slandered,, made homeless,,  and more,, can have their case heard, under the protection of common law,,  [provided that they have qualified evidence],,  without the fear of repercussions from Government criminals and their departments,,​ 

see reference below from the daily mail publications, in relation to PM David Cameron and the pig gate scandal,,

exposing,, you are being unlawfully policed,, fooled and robbed,,,

what is law,, what are statutes and legalese,, what are your inalienable rights,, read on,,

MP Theresa May, is not qualified in any law, yet she has made unlawful Police reforms ,,

she unlawfully gave the police powers, to carry out judicial proceedings,,

by telling the police to make charging and prosecution decisions, that are under her own, made up, statutory/legaleses acts,,

which cannot be enforced, without the express consent, of we a people,,

errrr hellooo Theresa May,, the police make too many false arrests as it is,,

under Theresa May,s say so,, the police, have already tried to make their own, unqualified, and unlawful, false arrests ,, in an attempt to make their own unlawful prosecutions,,, at a far greater public, financial cost and wastage,, 

are we awake,,

in 2009,, prior to PM David Cameron placing unqualified, Andrew Lansley as the Secretary of State for Health,,

Lansley was involved in an expenses scandal,,

Lansley claimed for renovation of a rural cottage, and then sold it,, it is claimed that he then "flipped" his second home designation to a london flat and then claimed thousands of pounds for the furniture,,

although he owns a Pimlico property,, he had also claimed over £7,000 for hotels,,

after becoming Prime Minister in May 2010, David Cameron named Andrew Lansley as the health Secretary/Secretary of State for Health 

see below,, home secretary MP Theresa May, commanding the UK Police,

MP Theresa May is not qualified for the highly paid and her high level role as the Home Secretary,,

MP Theresa May has a BA [hons] degree in Geography,, yet she has not pursued a career, in relation to this qualification,,  

see video below of MP Theresa May, whom oversees the Police ,, including their funding and training,, 

MP Theresa May is stating that the Police are Policing by consent,,

this is because the Police are acting under statutes and acts,, of which  MP Theresa May, is openly and publicly admitting., that they not real,, and not law,,

yet, the Magna Charta, requires the Police to know law,, what are we paying them for ?,,

this proves that, yet another conservative MP,, Theresa May is not qualified for her role,, and we have the blind, leading the blind, and the Police are "acting" under her deluded orders,,

see more about Theresa May below,,,

MP Theresa May publicly states,,

what are you unknowingly agreeing to ?,,

so now you have seen how government rules and regulations, are statutes, legalese,, meaning, legal, not lawful,,

legal, meaning, only existing or entered into by mutual consent,,  

the government are falsely using the Police to enforce orders, and transactions, under their own statutes and legalese, including involuntary contracts, with or without  our agreements or consent,, which is criminal and unlawful,,

including, against our long standing freedoms,, our Common law and the Magna Charta,, and not in accordance with mans nature and harmony,,

this is coercion without permission,, and the adoption of decisions, not agreed by law or consensus,, 

existing merely by the forcible consent of the uninformed,, 

MP Iain Duncan Smith is guilty of the biggest UK fraud

 see proof above, of the National Insurance Act 1911, which is paid into, by forcible mandatory insurance payments,,

of which has been invested into massive, and highly profitable, guaranteed investments,, such as the gold, diamond and copper mines,, for over 100 years,,

know your rights,,

our National Insurance, covers unemployment,, which is not a benefit, it is our money,, yet the government liars,, criminally and fraudulently, publicly keep telling us, that it is a benefit, when the truth is, it is our fully insured unemployment payment rights,, 

how can we scrounge our own insurance ?,, err hello government liars and traitors, whom treat us all as if  we are stupid,,

no ones unemployment insurance claim/payments, can be,, sanctioned,, stopped,, or closed,, without a proper and lawful decision, by a lawful court,, including, our rights to a trial by jury,,

all sanctions,, stoppages,, closures,, of our insured unemployment payments, by the DWP are criminal,, meaning, that our sanctioned payments, are still owed to us,, and our owed money cannot be held in the treasury, or the chancery,,

so where is our stolen money being plundered to ?,,

the DWP cannot lawfully close our unemployment insurance claim,, meaning, that if they have closed our claim, against our will,, our claim is still open and live,, and our insurance payments are being criminally and fraudulently with held from us,,

our insurance money is being robbed from us,,  

MP Iain Duncan Smith's, DWP criminal sanctions,,

Iain duncan Smith is criminally defrauding and plundering the National Insurance fund,, in the UK, via criminal sanctions, and total criminal stoppages, of insured unemployment payments,, which is against the law,,

he is responsible for thousands of deaths and suicides, from criminally starving people to death,, which is an act of genocide,,,

see copy of National Insurance below, and your rights,,,

judges fraud

lets now look at Iain Duncan Smith,, [pictured above] whom is placed as the secretary of state for work and pensions [DWP] and a proven liar and fraudster,,

Iain Duncan Smith is not qualified in anything, and he is totally incapable,,

yet IDS is implementing his own statutory acts/legislation, and insurance fraud,, against the most vulnerable people in the UK,, including the unemployed and people with disabilities, and he is openly and publicly committing the most heinous acts of genocide,, by deliberately and gratuitously causing the deaths of thousands of people in the uk, which is a war crime,, by plundering and defrauding, a people of UK,s insurance fund,,

yet the UK Police turn a blind eye, whilst thousands die and continue dying, because their boss is a Government Minister, MP Theresa May,, 

IDS has committed serious criminal offences of genocide against a people of the UK,, which in itself is suggestive of satanism,, and,, his un-published paper back book is aptly called , "The Devil's Tune",,  

IDS has an estimated wealth of £1 million, mostly acquired by after dinner speaking,, on the back of his  position in Government,,

why do people falsely believe that they have to consent to being controlled by Iain Duncan Smith and his statutory madness ?,,

[ know your rights,, see more about Iain Duncan Smith and his criminality, further down this page ],,,

" we have all been forced into the same game, just at different levels,, dealing with the same government hell,,, just different devils",,,

solicitors have unlawfully gone along with magistrates and judges, criminal acts, of refusing our rights to a trial by jury,, including against the interests of their clients,,

judges and magistrates, in the courts,, enter into a contract with a people,,

"contract" ,,meaning a written solemn pledge binding two parties together,, which is marked by religious observances,,

judges and magistrates have no rights to refuse people a solemn contract or a jury hearing,,

and,, they cannot lawfully, make any judgment against anyone against their will, whilst refusing them their right to be judged by a jury,,

meaning that, we now have judges and magistrates, criminally acting as judge, jury and executioner, against a people, without their informed and express consent,,

anyone whom has requested a jury hearing, and is refused that right, is deliberately being criminally defrauded and set up,,​​

lets firstly look at look at, George Osbourne,, whom is the chancellor of the Exchequer, within the conservative government, and he is placed as the Chief Financial Minister,, lol,,

Osbourne is not an economist, and he has only got a degree in modern history,, he only reached an O-level in maths,, proving that he is under qualified for his position,, yet he formulates economic government policies, and he implements statutory acts/statutory legislation,,

[ statutory acts,, meaning, "to perform as an actor,, to do or perform,, to represent as real" ],,

statutory acts are not law,,,

why do people falsely believe that they have to consent to being controlled by George Osbourne and his statutory acts ?,, which is legalese madness ?,,

do you consent to being dictated to by clueless MPs ?,,

whom are our servants, who want to falsely try and use their acts/legislation in place of law,, against us and our sovereign rights,, without any qualifications, and treating us as if we do not have capacity,,

including the fact that their actions prove they have no qualifications for their own roles in government,,

the majority of us,, which is well over 70 per cent of us didn't vote for these MPs and never consented to their Statutory Legislations against our sovereignty and our full capacity,,​​

UK Courts and judges are fraudulently and criminally,, acting against "our sovereignty",, "our common law" and our "religious freedoms"

common law is real law, based on "no harm, loss, or injury",,

meaning, as long as we cause no harm, loss, or injury against living breathing man/woman,, we cannot be prosecuted,,

therefore, there is a requirement, for a living breathing man/woman to present their evidence before a lawful court,, 

your common law, sovereign, and god given right is to have a jury hearing in court, yet these rights have often unlawfully and fraudulently been refused,,​​

more to expose,, page still under construction

firstly,, people need to know that the government are a self serving business,, whom have their own self serving interests for themselves and their business pals, in priority to the interests of a people,,

George Osborne,, pictured above, apparently did well in the election campaign on behalf of David Cameron, and he is then given a top position, that he is not qualified to do, to the detriment of we a people of the united kingdom,, [more about George Osborne below],,

see proof below, of the Conservative Party Company,, click on the boxes,, especially [ACCOUNTS]

know and see what is real and what is fake,, or remain compliant to being unlawfully told what to do,,,

red alert, everyone wake up