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know your rights,,

the courts, have been violating peoples rights,, by unlawfully forcing people,, under non constitutional statutory legalese,, statutes are  codes,, which cannot supersede, or override, our sovereignty  and   our  common law,,

yet, solicitors and barristers, are trained in codified  statutes,, and when people appoint them to "act", on their behalf, they do not realise,, that they are unwittingly consenting to,, their inalienable, common law rights,, to be overridden by meaningless codes,, which take away many of their rights, and freedoms,

including, the extortionate financial losses,, to our people,, whom are unwittingly, placing their wills and trusts into the fictional statutes, by appointing a solicitor, whom will record their will and trust into a statute code,, meaning a judge, within a statute court, is being given your unwitting consent, to overrule your statutory will, within his/her statutory court, with or without your consent,, which is a very scary consideration,,,

2]  unlawful subjection to fraud 

we cocoa interspace international global common law courts justice,, have recognised that, over at least the last seven years and beyond,, that people in the united kingdom have been unlawfully subjected to the fraudulent stealing of property,,

including the attempted stealing of  land and real estate,, and also the unlawful, fraudulent, and forcible removal, of adults and children from their homes,,

we cocoa interspace have witnessed the underhanded fraudulent and attempted, unlawful asset grabbing,, including the using, passing, and sharing of fraudulent documents exponentially by government agents,,  

4]  fraudulent land registry records and asset stealing

see exhibits below proving that the land registry, are creating fraudulent records in the uk, against a people, without their knowledge or consent,,

the land registry recorded a debt against someone. without their knowledge or consent, against their land and real estate,, including a fraudulent entry,, claiming that the LORD CHANCELLOR  is a lender and the proprietor of her land and real estate,,

this fraud was discovered on the land registry records, on monday 11th may 2015,, yet the fraud was supposedly  placed on the land registry records in 2007, which cannot be verified, as the record is fraudulent,, this would not have come to light for another 2-years when the mortgage is paid in full, ,

in addition,, there is no amount stated, that is supposedly owed to the LORD CHANCELLOR,,

there had been "no court case",, "no notification",, "no defence allowed","no entry" to state, what, where, when, and how the alleged debt came about, this also proves that due process did not, and could not take place,, because it is all fraud,,

 the land registry have been notified via email to prove their entry regarding these matters within the next 7-days,,

on this day the thirteenth of may two thousand and fifteen, we cocoa interspace international global common law court of justice declare that the land registry, is null and void,, and we hereby declare the land and real estate, referred to below,, is protected under cocoa interspace international common law court of justice jurisdiction, [court recorder number/ciclc//lr13/05/15/p/ycs],,

the LORD CHANCELLOR and all others concerned will be notified in due course,,,

willing surety for debt of private gov corporation,, entities have spent money and credit that was never theirs to spend,, and prevented common law birthright,,

privately owned and operated dept of justice,, commercial claims, courts, and presumptions,, municipal corporations, welfare and social security, that we paid for with our own money,, [equitable exchange,,]  loss of alluvial title to homes, land,, [NHS stealing our identities,,]

foreign situs trust,

misuse of our given names that we didn't know existed,, ,, or comlaw names to bring charges  against what appeared to be us,, our private property in their very own secret corporate tribunals,,

camoron claimed that he was our representative and we had personally delegated our authority to him, and named us all as surety standing for war debts claiming that we are all subject to his ruling power,, and,

surety for corporations,,

when you hypothecate debt against someone or against an asset belonging to someone else, you are claiming that they agreed to stand as surety for your debt,,

if you make payments, you are agreeing to contract,,

it is not possible for anyone to just arbitrarily claim that we are a surety for a debt without proof of informed consent,,

a common law will and trust cannot be overruled by anyone,,
social services, and their co conspirers, could attempt to take your property, and assets, by trying to place you under
their statutes,, also by the use of false claims that you require their care,,
which has included, false claims of dementure, mental health, etc,,
we cocoa interspace, call it, fraudulent and unlawful attempted
asset stripping,, especially as one of our lawyers and justice of the peace, yvonne pears, has previously witnessed it, and "prevented" it from happening,, 

judges, magistrates, police, barristers, and solicitors, are using the same fictional  statute codes, in an attempt to unlawfully, and criminally, supersede our inalienable common law rights, and sovereignty, and had previously gotten away with it until now,,

we cocoa interspace,  reinstated common law, on the 10th of october 2014,,, and we victoriously won, the first of many of our common law court cases, including within the uk,,

this has set a precedence, for the common law rights of a people,, not just in the uk, but other common law countries as well,, [see our first case on our home page],
no government, monarch, or anyone else, can overrule our common law rights, without our consent,,

people told us that they no longer felt liberated and free, within the privacy of their own homes, which is an inalienable right for all of us,, 
the  unlawful kidnappings, and attempted kidnappings, of people, including the elderly, from their own homes is an
abomination,, which has been unlawfully perpetrated, for fraudulent and financial gains, by government agents, including, criminal judges,, and magistrates,,

3] land registry fraud 

see exhibit below, proving that the land registry operates under their own coded statutes, which does not comply with, the Magna Charta and our sovereign common law rights,,

including, our rights to a jury hearing, prior to, the land registry, placing unlawful debts against our land, and real estate, without lawful jurisdiction,, this has included the  use of baliffs, banks, government agents and others, whom are using, passing and sharing, fraudulent documents to unlawfully  trespass on our lands and real estate,,,   

The Law of Property Act 1925 (c 20) is a statute of the United Kingdom Parliament. It forms part of an interrelated programme of legisation introduced by Lord Chancellor Lord Birkenhead between 1922 and 1925. The programme was intended to modernise the English law of real property. The Act deals principally with the transfer of property by lease and deed.

people will receive a certificate of registration to our court, validating, and enforcing their common law rights, into the jurisdiction and protection of cocoa interspace,,

 their names and addresses will be private, but their registration numbers will publically recorded, into this section of the court, so that they can show any/all agressors, that they are recorded and protected, under our common law jurisdiction,,

we, cocoa interspace,,

we transfer unlawful claims, and unlawful statutory court invitations, or cases,, into the protection of our common law court, for people whom are certified and recorded, into our land and real estate records, whom wish to be protected from,, 

a] unlawful land and real estate asset grabbing,,

b] unlawful baliffs tresspassing on land and real estate,,

c]  unlawful police tresspass on land and real estate,,

d] all unlawful tresspass by government agents,,

e] unlawful fraudulent invitations to courts,,

f] fraudulent unlawful invitations to unlawful courts, will be moved to the common law court jurisdiction,,

g] protection for the elderly, against unlawful kidnappings,, especially to residential homes, against their wishes and their families wishes,, to prevent unlawful land and real estate, [asset] grabbing, by government agents,,

h] protection from unlawful mental health teams, and social workers,, whom  try to make fraudulent, unproven allegations, against people,, to steal their land and real estate,, by falsely alleging that people do not have the mental capacity to,,
make a will,, or, live in their own property,, or, make their own decisions,, or, have their own family involved with their assets, and decision making,,

i] we record common law court judgments, to the land and real estate of the guilty, to enforce payments for damages, and court fees, including costs against unlawful tresspassers etc,,

j] we overturn and replace unlawful land registry entries to our common law court jurisdiction, regarding peoples land and real estate,,

k] all people whom register with cocoa interspace common law court of justice, land and real estate,,
will be recorded under our common law jurisdiction and protection,, including moving unlawful challenges against them, into the jurisdiction and protection of our common law court,,

7] cocoa interspace sent an email to the chancery

formal notice to matthew william brooker marsh including a copy of the judgment lien attached

see exhibits below dated 13th july 2015

8] cocoa interspace judjment lien against Equita limited

on 28th july 2015, cocoa interspace served a judjment lien on Equita Limited,,

setting a charge  of one million pounds sterling against Equita limited for unlawful and criminal trespass on the case of cocoa interspace international common law court of justice,

see copy of lien below

judgement lien notice of possession,,

on tuesday nineth of june twenty fifteen this lien below [see exhibit] was served by cocoa interspace at  2.20pm to Rugby Police Station,, Newbold Road,, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV21 2DH,, and accepted by duty sergeant collarnumber 1526 and police officer 6188 neither of them would provide their names,, and it was also served at 33 Durell Drive,, Cawston, Rugby, CV22 7GW,, later on the same day around 5.30pm ,,

the new tenants at 33 Durrell Drive, whom dharmesh chauhan,, unlawfully rented the property to,, soon after he was served with the court judgment and lien,, passed the further lien [see copy below] on to dharmesh chauhan,,

chauhan quickly moved out of 33 Durrell Drive, after he was served with the court judgment and lien,, and he placed tenants in the property,,  without telling them that the property is under the jurisdiction of the court,, charging them £1,200 per month,,

dharmesh chauhan caused a waste, of a lot of court time, in dealing with the new tenants, and property managment,, threfore the extra costs to the court, will be further implemented against dharmesh chauhan,,,         

tuesday 26th may 2015,,

today at 2:55pm, cocoa interspace served a copy of the judgment lien, in the name of dharmesh thakordas chauhan,, to the manager [liz] at the HSBC Bank,, whom his mortgage is listed with,,

see exhibit below of confirmation of email to micheal gove MP 

wednesday 20th of may 2015

email  from cocoa interspace to michael gove MP for the chancery

we notified michael gove MP, of his requirement to place the attached judgment lien, against dharmesh thakordas chauhan, of 33 durrell drive, cawston, rugby, CV22 7GW, UK on the chancery records,,

michael gove has officially complied with the cocoa interspace, court judgment, and placed the judgment lien, against dharmesh thakordas chauhan onto the chancery records,,

see email exhibit below sent to micheal gove MP,,

6] case no,, v2cor/17/03/2015 

dharmesh chauhan has been found guilty, of causing harmloss and injury to sukhjinder kaur, by a jury of twelve people on seventeenth of march two thousand and fifteen,,

execution of judgment, levy of execution raising thirty thousand pounds sterling, with accruing interest, for which has been issued, set aside property of debtor to place in custody of the court until it can be sold and/or it can be sold and applied to for the payment of execution,,
transfer possession title of lands to which it has been adjudicated as a means of enforcing it's decree as an execution in action at law including a writ of possession,,

case no,, v2cor/17/03/2015
judgment debtor/defendant dharmesh thakordas chauhan,,
judgment creditor/plantiff sukhjinder kaur,,
judgment lien/writ of execution/writ of possession,,

cocoa interspace, international global common law court of justice hereby on this day the fourth of april twenty thousand fifteen, hereby declare a judgment levy, via writ of possession against the real estate/ property of dharmesh thakordas chauhan's house, at 33 durell drive, cawston rugby CV22 7GW

writ of possession to execute and seize 33 durell drive, cawston rugby CV22 7GW, including seizing monthly rental payments of £750 [stirling] from 33 durell drive, cawston, rugby to the custody of cocoa interspace international global common law court of justice, until dharmesh thakordas chauhan has satisfied the court costs and damages in their entirety, inclusive of further potential costs of property management,

[above documentation is copyright of cocoa interspace]

5] baliffs being assisted by police gangs,,

baliffs are tresspassing on peoples land and real estate, without lawful jurisdiction, and using unlawful fraudulent documents, assisted by police gangs,, in the full knowledge that thier actions are unlawful,, whom are also committing aggravated tresspass,, where the police are acting in a private capacity,, by  refusals to stand under their oath,,

this outlawry is also backed up by criminal judges and solicitors, in psuedo

courts, whom also refuse to stand under their oaths, and refuse a people their common law rights,, 

see below video of MP Theresa May,s

public admission,,

Theresa May publically admitted that the police,, "police people by consent",,

the police follow statutes,,

which can only be by consent,,

because statutes are not the law of the land,,

they are only codes,,,

common law is the law of the land,,

yet the police and the courts have been using unlawful force  and deception,

to try and remove peoples common law  rights, until now,,

cocoa interspace global common law courts of justice, have re-taken and re-established our common law sovereignty,,

you could say that cocoa interspace,, are the golden goose who have laid the golden egg,,

copyright of cocoa interspace