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from: Julie Aspinall <>
to: yvonne pears <>
date: Sep 19, 2023, 1:42 PM

Julie Aspinall
today's date is  tuesday 19th September 2023
to my lawyer yvonne pears,

1] my name is Julie Aspinall, my date of birth is 23rd October 1964,
my married name was Julie Issaad,
and i am represented by cocoa interspace lawyer yvonne pears,

2] my lawyer has advised me that, i am the lawful owner of 8
8 Lime Tree Avenue, Tile Hill, Coventry, CV4 9EZ, 

3] my husband Jean Issaad, D.O.B 10th August 1955, 
both worked hard , and saved up to buy our first house together, 
88 Lime Tree Avenue, Tile Hill, Coventry, CV4 9EZ
in approximately 1987, when our two children were very young,

4]  my husband Jean and i lived together in our family home 
88 Lime Tree Avenue, Tile Hill, Coventry, CV4 9EZ 
for around 14-years with our two children, 

5]  during the 14-years that my husband Jean and i lived at 88 Lime Tree Avenue, 
Tile Hill, Coventry, CV4 9EZ, with our children, we both continued working, 
and completely refurbished our house from top to bottom,

6) on around May 2001, i split up with my husband Jean, and moved out of our family home with our two children,

7] i immediately sought advice from a Solicitor, in order to undertake divorce proceedings 
against my husband Jean Issaad , 

8] my Solicitor advised me that I have at least 6-weeks grace, in order to get the divorce underway, before we need to deal with the Land Registry, to prevent my husband Jean from trying to sell our family home, 

9] the next time I saw my Solicitor, I was informed that my husband Jean, had already sold my house for a cash payment to someone, and it would cost too much money to fight it,

10] after that, i pursued several different Solicitors, in order to retrieve my family home, 
due to the fact that it is a jointly owned property,
I was unable to find a Solicitor to take on my claim, because of the high costs involved,

11] when i eventually saw my husband Jean at least a year later, he informed me that he had sold our house for cash, to his friend Paul Leahy, whom we both knew,

12]  According to the Land Registry records, my property was allegedly sold for a measly sum of £60,000 of which i knew was worth at least £80,000, and i would never have consented to sell my home at a loss,

13] my lawyer yvonne pears has advised me that; 
due to the fact that ;
A] i had never agreed, to a sale of my property, and received no money from it,
B] my husband Jean died in 2009, 
C] 88 Lime Tree Avenue, Tile Hill, Coventry, CV4 9EZ  remains my lawful property,
D] this includes the fact that my husband Jean, had made it known to me on several 
occasions, that Paul Leahy was the purchaser,
E] Caroline Quaid placed her name on the Land Registry as the purchaser of my property,
without my knowledge or consent,
F] Caroline Quaid alleged that she paid £60,000 for my property, of which I would never 
have consented to,
G] i have been made aware by my lawyer yvonne pears that Caroline Quaid has been trying to sell my property, 88 Lime Tree Avenue, Tile Hill, Coventry, CV4 9EZ, of which i do not consent to,
therefore my lawyer is now dealing with this matter, of which she is keeping me informed of, every step of the way,
H] i am also aware that Paul Leahy and his brother are living at my property, 88 Lime Tree Avenue, of which i am happy for them to do so, 

kind regards Julie Aspinall

in May 2001,

julie assaad, [ now julie aspinall ],

had left her husband Jean Assaad, 

to initiate Divorce Proceedings,

julie assaad and the children,

had moved out of her family home of 14-years,

namely, 88 Lime Tree Avenue, Tile Hill, Coventry, CV4 9EZ, 

HM Land Registry Title Number WM200925, 

SOON AFTER, julie's husband, Jean Assaad,

contacted Businessman paul leahy,

 in regard to his marriage break up, and his finances,

as he had often worked for paul in the past, 

Jean Assaad and paul leahy, came to an agreement between them,

that paul leahy paid Jean Assaad £80,000 in cash, 

to hold onto, for the purchase of jean and julie's marital home, 

if he did not get back with his wife julie,

it was agreed between paul and jean that, £40,000 was for Jean,

and £40,000 for was for julie,

of which Jean Assaad provided paul leahy with a receipt for,,

on the 30th january 2001,

Businessman paul leahy, dob 3rd of april 1960

and Telephone Call Centre Worker,

Caroline Quaid, dob 10th september 1977,

had already been living together for 2-years,

in a common law marriage, when,

ON THE  23rd OF JULY 2001, in only a matter of a few short weeks after julie had moved out of her marital home with the children,

 Call Center Worker, Caroline Quaid, aged 23-years-old,  

Registered herself on the Land Registry, 




Tile Hill, Coventry CV4 9EZ

of which still jointly belonged to julie assaad [ now julie aspinall ]

and her husband Jean Assaad,

julie and Jean assaad were still married, when Caroline Quaid had Registered that she Purchased julie's marital home, 

at the time, julie only had her first meeting with her Solicitor,

in order to initiate Divorce Procceding,

without julie's and paul's knowledge,

Caroline Quaid Registered herself with the Land Registry, as the new Owner of 88 Lime Tree Avenue, Tile Hill, Coventry  CV4 9EZ,




Caroline Quaid in fact lived at 30 REDESDALE AVENUE, COVENTRY,

at the time that she deceiptfully claimed,

 that on the 6th july 2001,  she paid £60,000 cash, for julie and her husband Jean's marrital home, 

HM Land Registry Title Deed number WM200925



Title Deed Guarantee,

a Title Deed Guarantee, Guarantees that the Transferor gives Binding Promises about the Title to the property, 

of which imposes obligations, that continue to bind the Owner, 
even after completion of the Transfer,

the Transferor Guarantees to the best of their knowledge, 
that there are no financial charges, incumbrances , mortgages, 
or other third party interests, of which affect the property, 

other than those revealed to the tranferees,

a title deed transfer can not happen, 
if a third party interest has not been revealed to the potential purchaser,,

on the 3rd of may 2005,

Caroline Quaid eventually purchased 501 Holyhead Rd, coventry, CV5 8HW with paul leahy, for £158,000, whom had no knowledge at the time of her deception, title number WK19280