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continuation of,

theft of my property by the

Coventry Building Society,

how did the Coventry Building Society,

sign the Title Deeds of craig fraser,s 

property, without his knowledge or consent ?

Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1989 1 Deeds

                                     and their execution.

(1) Any rule of law which—
(a) restricts the substances on which a deed may be written;
(b) requires a seal for the valid execution of an instrument as a deed

by an individual; or
(c) requires authority by one person to another to deliver an

instrument as a deed on his behalf to be given by deed, is abolished.
(2) An instrument shall not be a deed unless—
(a) it makes it clear on its face that it is intended to be a deed by the

person making it or, as the case may be, by the parties to it (whether

by describing itself as a deed or expressing itself to be executed or

signed as a deed or otherwise); and
(b) it is validly executed as a deed by that person or, as the case may

be, one or more of those parties.
[F1(2A) For the purposes of subsection (2)

(a) above, an instrument shall not be taken to make it clear on

its face that it is intended to be a deed merely because it is

executed under seal.]

(3) An instrument is validly executed as a deed by an individual

if, and only if— 

(a) it is signed—
(i) by him in the presence of a witness who attests the signature;

(ii) at his direction and in his presence and the presence of two witnesses who each attest the signature; and
(b) it is delivered as a deed F2...

the Coventry Building Society's fraudulent

Mortgage Deed in the name of Rachel Last,

is also a Claim for Possession, of craig fraser's home,,

because a Transfer of Property cannot be done,

if the Property is already Subject to a Mortgage,

due to the fact that the Payment

of the Outstanding Balance on the Mortgage Account

is required to be paid to the Lender,

under the Terms of the Mortgage Deed,,

the Coventry Building Society,

criminally Registered a new Title

on craig fraser's property,

with the HM Land Registry, 

in the name of Rachel Last,

Subject to a Mortgage with themselves,

of approximately £65,000, which Favours

the Coventry Building Society,

craig fraser, owed less than £4,000, on his Property,

yet his home, was unlawfully placed in Favour of 

the Coventry Building Society,

for approximately £65,000,

​plus, they had also stolen, 24-years,

of craig fraser's Mortgage Payments

the Coventry Building Society, were already aware that HM Land Registry,

are deliberately open to fraud,

as they do not Register or Transfer,

Title Deeds, 

they only Register the LEGAL TITLE ,

of which relies purely, on SIGNATURES,

they do not require Proof of Purchase, 

Money Paid, or Vacant Possession,

to Transfer Deeds,,

therefore a Counterfeit Mortgage Deed,

from a Bank or Building Society,

goes unchecked, by the HM Land Registry,